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Biird & Pure Launch an Orgasmic Collab

Biird, the high-end brand dedicated to feminine pleasure, is thrilled to present its limited edition pleasure object, Gii, a sensual revelation designed in an exclusive partnership with Pure, the avant-garde dating application.

Meet Gii Pure Edition

In this national month of sexual well-being, Pure, with its mission to help people fully enjoy their dating experiences on emotional, sexual, and intellectual levels, aims to contribute to a more fulfilling and stress-free first date. Their solution? The G-spot vibrator, Gii, born from their collaboration with Biird, a brand focused on feminine pleasure.

Biird Gii Pure Edition Best G-Spot Vibrator

Pure understands that "pre-bating," or indulging in personal pleasure before an important event or high-stress situation, can lead to relaxation, mental clarity, and increased confidence. And for many women, toys are the key to pleasure in the bedroom, whether shared with a date after a successful date or enjoyed alone afterward.

The Importance of Masturbating Before Your First Date

To celebrate this exhilarating union, Pure conducted an enlightening survey of over 1000 users, in which 71% stated that they masturbate before a date, especially first dates, and 41% confirmed that masturbation before a date significantly enhances relaxation and self-confidence.

Biird and Pure join forces to boost self-confidence, sensuality, and connection, bridging the emotional, sexual, and intellectual aspects of dating. The limited edition Gii G-Spot vibrator is their manifesto, redefining pleasure and dating.

Gii is not just a vibrator; it's a masterpiece of design and sensation. Perfect for those seeking sophistication and innovation in personal care. The limited edition includes several goodies related to the world of Pure, and its handle design has been reworked with a stunning sparkling wave effect.

About Pure

Pure offers an open and safe space to connect and meet people who share the same interests. It's a place where encounters are never boring. With Pure, you can fully experience your dating journey on an emotional, sexual, and intellectual level. All it takes is honesty, curiosity, and respect.

About Pure Dating App

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