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How to Striptease Like a Pro - A Step-by-Step Guide

Performing a striptease can be an exciting, sexy, and empowering act, whether youre doing it for entertainment or foreplay. Most people struggle while performing a striptease in real life. The act puts you in the spotlight, which can be nerve-wracking for most people regardless of context. It also puts you in a vulnerable position, the object of the gaze, but it can just as well be a source of empowerment and control if you have the right mindset.

As such, even if you’re the object of their gaze, you hold the power.

Striptease is a sensual act in which you delicately and seductively remove layers of clothing, one by one. It’s generally performed with music in the background. The key point of a striptease is that it’s a purely visual experience. You control who gets to see you, how much and what they see, and when they see it. And if you’re with a partner, you decide when and if they get to touch you. As such, even if you’re the object of their gaze, you hold the power.

In fact, its worth pointing out that you dont have to striptease for a partner. The act of doing a striptease allows you to own your sexuality and feel confident. You can do it for anyone you want, including friends or just yourself. Yes, you can definitely do a striptease in front of a mirror, seducing only yourself. And you dont have to be a professional dancer to do a brilliant striptease — you just need a heaping dose of confidence because thats the sexiest quality.

Below, we provide a step-by-step guide for stripteasing.

Step 1: Set some ground rules

If you’re performing a striptease for your partner, you must remember that it’s your show, and you’re the one in control. Establishing a few ground rules before the show will help you asset control, which will make your act seem more professional. It will also add to the drama and tension, which is all a part of the striptease. There’s a reason the word contains the word “tease.”

The most common ground rules during a striptease are no touching and no talking. However, you can play around with your options and find some creative and fun rules. You can make these rules a part of your act, communicating with your partner just before the show begins. That will allow you to set your intentions while maintaining a sexy atmosphere.

If they get too handsy, keep some pleasure ties or handcuffs handy to restrain their impulses.

Of course, it’s most likely that your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you. But remember, they don’t get to decide when they touch you. It’s your show. If they get too handsy, keep some pleasure ties or handcuffs handy to restrain their impulses. Not only will it help you stay in control, but it will also add to the pleasure and play.

Step 2: Set the mood and atmosphere

A striptease should ideally be performed in dim lighting that gives the viewer just enough of a glimpse of your body. The lighting should also be flattering, highlighting your curves without washing you out. You can also light some scented candles or use soft lampshades that cast interesting silhouettes and shadows.

Generally speaking, a striptease performance lasts 3 to 10 minutes

You can also select some sexy tunes, choosing songs that you and your partner enjoy. The song should also have the rhythms necessary to support your moves, so there’s no dissonance between the music and your performance. Generally speaking, a striptease performance lasts 3 to 10 minutes, which means you’ll need 1 to 3 songs.

Step 3: Select your costume

Selecting the costume is one of the most essential components of a striptease. The point of a striptease is to build anticipation as you shed the layers. That means you should ideally have multiple layers to shed away, keeping your partner anticipating your next move. Some of the most popular clothing items for a striptease include garter belts, feather boas, and opera-length gloves.

Feather boas, fans, and other similar accessories are particularly effective for a striptease because they allow you to conceal and reveal just as much as you please. Underneath the first layers, you can also put on sexy lingerie and stilettos. Explore your makeup options as well, making the whole look come together to tell a story.

Step 4: Commit to your character

The lighting, music, and costume wont mean anything if you dont commit to your character. You must decide who your character is, what they want, and their general attitude, and you must embody that character throughout. It might be tempting to break character and laugh, perhaps treat the whole thing as a joke, but you must resist that impulse. Own your sexuality.

Step 5: Maintain eye contact

Your eyes truly are the windows to your soul. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, it will be seen in your eyes. You must feel confident, commit to your character, and maintain eye contact. Prolonged eye contact is a primary sign of confidence, and that can bring you closer to your partner or audience or yourself.

Step 6: Incorporate sex toys into your act

3 minutes might not seem like a long time, but it can feel like forever when you’re putting on a show. By the time the second chorus comes around, you may feel like you’re all out of tricks if you don’t pace yourself. That’s why you should take the layers off slowly. You can also include some sex toys in your act to add some variety, like our own clitoral stimulator Namii.

Biird Namii

Step 7: Relax and have fun

Whatever you do, whatever happens, remember that you’re doing a striptease for yourself and because it’s fun. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and carry on. Go with the flow, do what comes naturally, and have fun! It will be a truly amazing gift for yourself and your partner.

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