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Surprise someone special with a sprinkle of joy—Biird Gift Cards are here! They're the perfect little nudge for friends or loved ones to treat themselves to something delightful from our collection. Easy, fun, and oh-so-thoughtful, these cards are your go-to for gifts that say, "Go on, explore and enjoy!"
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  • €25,00
  • - €-25,00
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What they can get for €150

How do Gift Cards work?

Select the amount and the design you prefer and send it to your bestie to buy any of the Biird products from our online shop!

Do they expire?

No! The Gift Card lives as long as it has balance.

How do I know how much balance is left?

You will receive an email with the gift card QR code and a link to check your remaining balance.  

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Why do I see my Gift Card balance in € (Euros)

Gift card values and balances are set in Euros, but you purchase them and redeem them in

your local currency. No currency conversion fees are applied to purchases made with a gift card.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.