External Vibrator with Dual Motors

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  • €79,00
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Tap into your hidden desires with our Forbidden Fruit - Evii. Combining a squishy silicone body and two powerful motors, Evii delivers smooth vibrations and instant orgasms.

  • A'Design Award Winner 2022
  • iF Design Award Winner 2022
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Mint Green
  • €79,00
  • €79,00
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Free & Discreet
5 Years Pleasure Guarantee
Dual Motors with
8 Vibration Modes
Fully Waterproof &
Whisper Quiet
Smooth, Squishy,
Body-safe Silicone
Wireless Charging &
Jewelry Tray
  • €79
  • €79
The softest silicon on earth

Deliciously Soft

Marshmallow, but in a toy. Press it, squeeze it, Evii feels ultra squishy and soft for an unparalleled pleasure experience. 

The Summit Of Pleasure

An Object Of Desire

Isn’t Evii the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Ergonomically shaped to enfold your clitoris with its creased tip, Evii directs vibrations exactly where you want them. Use the gentle ribs to explore your erogenous zones or even hand it to your partner for some tantalizing (fore)play sensations.


Evii is Buzzing

Experience never felt before vibration blends thanks to Evii’s brand new FlowSense™ Technology. From feather soft to deep and rumbly, Evii’s dual motors can be finetuned to your exact liking all while staying whisper quiet.

How to Enjoy Evii

Discover a new world of pleasure thanks to Evii’s creased tip for targeted clitoral vibrations.

Switch up the sensations by exploring Evii’s ribbed & squishy body.

Next time you’re taking a bath, be sure to take Evii with you. Splash away!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Not squishy but still amazing

I really wanted this to be squishy like a marshmallow. It is soft, but it’s not squishy like described. You can’t press your fingers into it and squish it. I imagined it would be like a stress ball, but it’s not. However! It is truly amazing. I was going to send it back after feeling it, but I decided to try it out first. It’s now my favorite toy. It gives me thought erasing orgasms. I’m not very sensitive so some small toys just don’t do it for me but this one is IT. And it’s very quiet!

I could not resist the temptation

I bought evii as a Christmas present for my wife and the riin cock rings for myself
They arrived when my wife was at work
So I thought I’d try the cock rings for size
Perfect fit and excelled in their job on me
So whilst in the moment I thought I’d also try evii too
Wow what a combo
I now look forward to Xmas day to share my happy ending story x

It is adorable!

So much cuter than I expected😍 Will 100% keep this on my bedside table, too pretty to hide away! The packaging was amazing too and it had all the information I could ever need. My expectations were high and they were very much met with much to spare✨ Highly recommend!

Love my little lemon.

I love it so much. The material feels so soft and smooth. No other toy has felt this good before. This tip ♥️

Manon Renault
Un joli petit citron

Un citron parfait pour donner un orgasme

What's in the Box?

Evii Size: 73mm(H) x 59.6mm(D) x 60.6mm(W) / 2.87 x  2.35 x 2.39 inches

Charging Tray Size: 19.2mm(H) x 70.6mm(D) x 150.2mm(W) / 0.76 x 2.78 x 5.91 inches

Evii Weight: 108.5g / 0.24 lbs


Battery: 500mAh

Use Time: Up to 2.5 Hours

Charging time: 2 hours


Materials: High Quality, Ultra Soft Silicone & ABS

Interface: 3 button interface (+, - and mode switch/on/off, 8 vibration modes with various intensities that can be finetuned.

IP7X Water Resistant: Evii can be submerged and used in the bathtub. 

Max. Noise Level: 50dB


Evii, Storage Pouch, Charging Tray, USB-C Cable

Built to last

We're proud of what we do and that translates in the quality of our products.

Evii was built to the highest standards and uses best-in-class materials and lasts extra long on a battery charge. That's why we're confident in offering you a 5 Year Pleasure Guarantee for Evii. If something were to happen to your Evii outside of the legal warranty period, we'll give you a 50% discount voucher for your next purchase.

How do I use Evii?

Evii was made for clitoral stimulation but that’s not all it can do. Evii’s creased tip is perfect for pinpoint vibrations right where you want them, while Evii’s ribbed and squishy back can be used for broader and deeper sensations. And if you want to involve your partner, we highly recommend exploring each-other’s bodies with Evii. Time to get creative. 

How is Evii different?

Unlike most other vibrators, Evii has two vibrating elements. This allows you to explore new vibration sensations as both motors can work together to create new vibration feelings thanks to our FlowSense technology. Evii’s top crease and ribs also allow you to discover different pleasure textures and work great on different erogenous zones. 

Is Evii waterproof?

Fully! So whether it’s just a little splash in the shower or a dunk in the tub, Evii’s not afraid to get wet.

Is Evii silent & discreet?

We finetuned the vibration elements to be as quiet as possible. On top of that, thanks to its layer of extra squishy silicone, Evii’s more sound insulated than other pleasure toys. 

Is the tray included?

Yes! Charge your Evii and keep your nightstand clutter free.

Does Evii have a travel lock?

Yes. You can activate Evii’s travel lock by holding the + and - buttons pressed until the red light blinks. This way, you can take your Evii anywhere the wind takes you, knowing it won't unexpectedly turn itself on. To disable the travel lock, simply hold both buttons again until the light blinks white or charge your Evii for a brief moment.

Is shipping discreet?

Naturally! Your Evii is shipped in a nondescript cardboard box and without mention of what's inside. So you don't have to sweat over your neighbors or colleagues discovering what great pleasure awaits you.

Where can I get the user's manual?

Scan the QR code inside Evii's box or download it here.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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