Gii x Pure App Edition

G-spot Vibrator
Escape the daily routine and explore the possibilities of open and intriguing connections through the long-awaited Biird x Pure App Gii collab. Curved for maximum pleasure, Gii emits deep and rumbly vibrations that hit the spot every time with 9 vibration modes, each with 8 strengths. Pure bliss awaits.
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What's inside the box:

Gii™ Pure Edition, Velvet Pouch, Exclusive Pure Iron-on patches, Pure Keychain, Cable, Sticker

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Free & Discreet
5 Years Pleasure Guarantee
Body-Safe Silicone
9 Vibration Patterns
Perfect for G-Spot Stimulation
Fully Waterproof &
Whisper Quiet
Gii x Pure App Edition
  • $99


discover the pure app

Dating with a twist

Pure app provides an open and safe space to connect and date with like-minded people. It’s a place where dating is anything but boring.

With Pure you can embrace your dating experiences fully: emotionally, sexually, and intellectually. All it takes is honesty, curiosity and respect.

Versatile & ergonomic

Blame it on the Boogie

With its smooth curves and feather-soft silicone, Gii is designed to be used both internally and externally. The powerful motor delivers intense vibrations that can be adjusted to your desired level, making Gii the perfect way to explore your body and find your way to boogie wonderland.


Apply your favorite water-based lubricant to Gii™ and explore your body.

Play with Gii™ 's rumbly vibration patterns both internally and externally.

Use Gii™ it in the shower or the bathtub.

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Dimensions & Weight

Gii size: 180mm long  x 28.5mm max. head width / 7.09 x 1.1 inches

Gii weight: 78g / 0.17lbs

Battery & Charging

Battery: 300mAh.

Use time: up to 80 min.

Charging time: 1.5 hours.

Materials & Interface

Materials: High Quality, Ultra Soft Silicone & ABS.

Interface: 3 button interface. Central button for Power On / Off and change modes. (+) To increase intensity, (-) to decrease intensity. Press + and - for 4 seconds to lock / unlock travel mode. 

IP7X Water Resistant: Gii™ can be submerged and used in the bathtub. 

Max. Noise Level: 45dB.


Gii™ Pure Edition, Velvet Pouch, Exclusive Pure Iron-on patches, Pure Keychain, Charging cable, Sticker.

Built to Last

We're proud of what we do and that translates in the quality of our products. Gii™ was built to the highest standards and uses best-in-class materials and our products last extra long on a battery charge. That's why we're confident in offering you a 5 Year Pleasure Guarantee for Gii™.If something were to happen to your Gii™ outside of the legal warranty period, we'll give you a 50% discount voucher for your next purchase.

How do I use Gii™?

Gii™ is a G-Spot massager that can be used both internally and externally. Apply your favorite water-based lubricant to Gii™ to play with Gii™’s rumbly vibration patterns. Change patterns with the central button and increase / decrease intensity as you’re riding the pleasure wave.

Is Gii™ silent and discreet?

Absolutely! Gii™ has been designed to be whisper quiet.

Is Gii™ waterproof?

Yes! You can use Gii™ both in the shower and the bathtub for a splashy experience.

Does Gii™ have a travel lock?

Yes! You can take your Gii™ on your worldwide adventures without worrying about it accidentally turning on during travel. Long press + and - for 3 seconds to lock and unlock Gii™. When locked, a red light will blink, when unlocked, a white light will blink.

How do the iron-on patches work?

Gii™ comes with 3 beautiful iron-on patches that you can place on your Gii™ Pouch or on your favorite garments. To attach the patches, set your iron to medium-high heat. Place the patch face up on your garment & cover it with a kitchen towel. Apply pressure with the heated iron for 30 to 40 seconds. Turn the garment inside out and iron the back for another 10 - 20 secs.

TIPS: Ironing works best on cotton or polyester fabrics. Be careful not to burn your garment with the hot iron. Glue or sew patches on for a more permanent placement.

Is shipping discreet?

Of course! Your Gii™ is shipped in a nondescript shipping box and without mention of what's inside. So you don't have to sweat over your neighbors or colleagues discovering what great pleasure awaits you.

Where can I get the user manual?

Scan the QR code inside Gii™ ’s box or download it here.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.