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Clitoral Suction Stimulator & Vibrator

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Discover Namii, Biird’s new 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator made from ultra-soft silicone. Designed to dive into your desires (and your partner’s), Namii comes with both suction and vibration functions which can be used independently or at the same time. Even better, Namii works hands-free! The icing on the cake? Its elegant magnetic charging base doubles as a mood light.
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For Every Biird™ Toy Purchased, a tree is planted
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Thanks to our partnership with Onetreeplanted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, a tree is planted whenever you make a purchase on our website.

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5 Years Pleasure Guarantee
Safe Payment
5 Suction Intensities
& 5 Vibration Patterns
Fully Waterproof &
Whisper Quiet
Smooth, Squishy
Body-Safe Silicone
Mood Light
Charging Base
  • €109

Beautiful and versatile? We couldn't ask for more.

The combination of these sensations can bring you to new heights.

Let's be real – this is probably the most beautiful sex toy we've ever seen.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 252 reviews
Pretty and soft

I've had 2 similar products before, but this is the softest and most quiet one. I looks really pretty on my nightstand and I realised that the shape of it is really great for using it solo. And also the best using it with partner.
I only have used it twice and cannot wait to use it again and again!

Chloé h
Le top

J’ai longuement hésité à le commander et je ne suis pas déçue ! Il concurrence largement mon womanizer pro … la partie vibrante est un gros plus!
Sa matière est douce, son design est trop cool et la base de chargement qui fait office de lampe de chevet est une idée de génie !!
N’hésitez plus, vous ne serez pas déçue

Une petite merveille

Le design est magnifique, le silicone est très doux, la lumière de la plate-forme de charge créée une superbe ambiance.

La stimulation sans contact du clitoris et les vibrations sur la vulve forment un combo très efficace.

Et je trouve le fait de pouvoir l’utiliser sans les mains (en le maintenant juste avec les cuisses) vraiment excitant ! On sent qu’il a été conçu pour tenir sans les mains, c’est très bien pensé.

Je recommande grandement ce petit bijoux ✨💕

Tout est parfait !!

Assez perplexe quant à l'efficacité de ce petit bijou, mais finalement je ne m'en passe plus...
Il est incroyable , la texture est hyper sympa ... Tout y est !!
Seul petit bémol : je trouve que l'embout clitoridien est trop petit pour certaine morphologie.

Je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat, Je recommande les yeux fermés !!!

Ps : La petite collab avec Jouissance Club est à tomber par terre

Cadeau apprécié

Je l'ai offert à ma meilleure amie. Elle l'adore !! Elle l'appel maintenant "son précieux ".😉

Dimensions & Weight

Namii size: 89.2 (H) x 54 (D) x 80.9 (W) mm / 3.5 x 2.1 x 3.2 inches

Charger size: 80 (H) x 69 (D) x 91 (W) mm/ 3.1 x 2.7 x 3.6 inches

Namii weight: 181.5g / 0.4lbs

Battery & Charging

Battery: 500mAh

Use time: up to 2 hours on Suction, 3 hours on Vibration.

Charging time: 2 hours

Material & Interface

Materials: High Quality, Ultra Soft Silicone & ABS

Interface: 2 button interface. Suction Mode: 5 intensities. Vibration Mode: 3 intensities + 2 patterns. Can be used independently or at the same time for different sensations. 

Charger / Lamp: 1 button to turn the light On / Off.

IP7X Water Resistant: Namii can be submerged and used in the bathtub. 

Max. Noise Level: 50dB

How does suction work?
Some say Namii’s suction feels like really good oral sex, others say it makes them orgasm immediately, and others claim it makes their legs shake like never before. But how does Namii really work?
How to Enjoy Namii

The suction created by Namii’s mouth varies from feather soft and gentle to very powerful. Play with the different intensities for tailor-made pleasure sensations.

Use the vibrations separately to stimulate your or your partner’s erogenous zones or turn it on when using the suction function for a whole new experience.

Let your hands roam free thanks to Namii’s special hands free design. Wedge namii between your thighs and let yourself be guided by your pleasure.

How do I use Namii?

Namii is a 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator that will plunge you in a sea of pleasure. Simply press either of the 2 function buttons and discover the 5 different suction intensities and 5 vibration patterns independently or combined for a tailor-made *me* time. And if you want to involve your partner, we highly recommend exploring each-other’s bodies with Namii. Time to get creative!

Can I use it hands-free?

Unlike other products, Namii’s versatility and special design allows you to explore hands-free pleasure. Simply wedge Namii in between your thighs and use any of the modes while keeping your hands free to play with yourself or your partner. Namii’s ribbed belly also allows you to discover a new texture and works great on different erogenous zones. 

Is Namii waterproof?

Yes! So whether it’s just a little splash in the shower or a dunk in the tub, Namii is not afraid to get wet and ride the wave of pleasure with you.

Is Namii Silent & Discreet?

We’ve created Namii to be as quiet as possible without sacrificing power and we think you’ll be surprised about how quiet it actually is.

How does the lamp charging base work?

Place your Namii on the charging base and you’ll see the light fade in and out while charging. On the back of the charging base you’ll find a button which lets you control the light function. 

Does Namii have a travel lock?

Yes. You can activate Namii’s travel lock by holding the O and 〰 buttons until the red light blinks (approx 4 seconds). This way, you can take your Namii anywhere the tide takes you, knowing it won't unexpectedly turn itself on. To disable the travel lock, simply hold both buttons again until the light blinks or charge your Namii for a brief moment.

Is shipping discreet?

Absolutely! Your Namii is shipped in a nondescript cardboard box and without mention of what's inside. So you don't have to sweat over your neighbours or colleagues discovering what great pleasure awaits you.

Where can I get the user's manual?

Scan the QR code inside Namii's box or download it here.

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