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Are Premium Sex Toys Really Better Than Amazon Ones?

When purchasing sex toys, you should only trust premium sex toy manufacturers. The sex toy manufacturing industry is notoriously unregulated. There are currently no government regulations for the manufacturing and production of sex toys. No coalitions, legal organizations, or organizations have been established to regulate the production of sex toys to ensure safety for the end users. The lack of control allows manufacturers to use materials and production processes that can endanger your sexual health and well-being.

Not all sex toys are produced alike. While Amazon may give you access to a wide range of sex toys that are considerably cheaper than premium ones, theyre not nearly as safe. The material might be highly porous, leading to a higher risk of bacterial and yeast infections, the batteries may not work, the suction may not work, or other problems may arise. Amazon products are poor replicas of premium sex toys, so you should not entrust your sexual health and wellness to shady products.

But why arent sex toys regulated, you might ask. For a governmental organization to act on sex toys and regulate the industry, society must first admit that sex toys are necessary. Currently, because of political and religious opposition to sex toys in general, the industry goes widely unregulated. This paves the way for shady manufacturers and producers who counterfeit popular sex toys using inferior materials, thus endangering their users. Sex toys on Amazon are usually riskier and less effective than premium ones. 

This article describes why premium sex toys are better than their Amazon counterparts.

#1. Premium sex toys are nonporous

As mentioned previously, the sex toy industry is extremely unregulated, allowing manufacturers to use any techniques and materials for sex toys. Since sex toys must interact with your intimate parts, such as the penis, vagina, clitoris, and anus, the need for optimal safety and body-safe materials cant be overstated. The lack of regulation makes everyone vulnerable to sex toys made using hazardous materials, such as porous plastics and rubber, that can attract bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microbes.

Porous sex toys are those with extremely small pores on the surface. Porous sex toys are magnets for bacteria and germs, especially if you use them without condoms. Once germs and microbes get stuck to porous sex toys, theres no way to remove them. Porous dildos and vibrators can also carry germs and infections from one person to another, leading to a high risk of transmitting STDs. You may also develop bacterial and yeast infections, which can be painful.

The only way to keep a porous sex toy clean and safe is to use a condom every time you use them. And after each use, you must sterilize the sex toys thoroughly. Even after diligent care and maintenance, porous sex toys can still trap dirt and germs, leading to a risk of infections. Premium sex toys are usually made of non-porous, body-safe materials, such as silicone. But their Amazon counterparts are made of porous naturals, such as latex, thermoplastics, silicone blends, jelly, and rubber.

These materials are notorious for causing infections and spreading STDs. Even if an Amazon sex toy looks like a replica of a premium sex toy, it should not be trusted.

#2. Premium sex toys don’t contain phthalates

Phthalates are a family of dangerous chemicals that cheap sex toy manufacturers use to soften PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). All porous sex toys dont contain PVC, but many of them are made using this harmful chemical, which can lead to severe allergic reactions. Some of the most dangerous health concerns of PVC sex toys include reproductive problems, respiratory ailments, kidney disease, digestive problems, and infections. Thats why you must avoid sex toys made using PVC materials — the sex toys found on Amazon are notorious for using PVC.

Premium sex toy manufacturers, meanwhile, use body-safe materials without any PVC or other harmful chemicals, making them safe for use in your genitals.

#3. Premium sex toys are made of body-safe materials

Premium sex toys are exclusively made using high-quality, body-safe materials, such as metal, borosilicate glass, ABS hard plastic, specially treated wood, pure silicone, ceramics wood, and stone. These materials are widely known to be safe for your genitals and body. Even ceramic, wood, stone, and other natural materials must undergo a medical-grade finish to minimize the porosity level. When selecting adult toys, you must gauge their materials, do your research, and ensure the product is truly made from body-safe materials.

#4. Premium sex toys come with guarantees

The sex toys advertised on Amazon are not usually checked by manufacturers and don’t carry the same warranties as authentic sex toys from premium sellers. Let’s say you buy a sex toy from Amazon. The sex toy may work for a few weeks or even months, following which it may stop working properly. The motor might start acting up, you may notice signs of grease or yeast infection because of porosity, or other problems may arise. Since the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee is only valid for a short period, you would have no way to replace the device or receive a refund.

Premium sex toy manufacturers, on the other hand, offer a warranty of several months or years. Generally speaking, longer warranty periods indicate that the manufacturer is confident that their product will last for a long period. If any aspect of the device stops working, you can easily ask the manufacturer to replace the device completely. Meanwhile, buyers on Amazon constantly complain about manufacturing defects for which they have no recourse. If you want a sex toy that’s sure to last several years without issues, you should only go for premium sex toys.

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