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Best Places to Have Sex… at Home

Tired of the same routine? The sex may be great, fantastic even, but same place, same time, same spot… same, same, same. Every so often, we need to mix it up a bit. Just like your favorite Chinese takeout, you may love #69, but there are lots of fun things, or in this case, places, to try!

Top 5 places to have sex while at home

#1. Living Room

Strictly missionary got you praying for change? Try out the various spots in your living room!

Sofa. One of the best things about your sofa versus your bed is the ability to more easily get into angles a bed makes challenging. There are multiple positions that benefit from the comfort of a sofa. Whether bending your partner over the arm of the sofa and penetrating them from behind, allowing your penetrating partner to stretch out as you lower yourself onto them, or perhaps upping your doggy game by nestling into the comfort of the cushion as your partner penetrates you from behind, no matter what position you choose, sofas are not ideally designed for missionary work, so enjoy the change!

Chair. Like the single bed, there’s only so far to go. Chair sex can be fun, a tad awkward, and deeply intimate. Try sitting on your partner's lap to get things going. You’re invading their space and how you both choose to work that, is up to you…are you in control of the space or are they? Wanna be adventurous, slip out of your clothes and slip down onto your partner from behind, resting your arms on the chair as your legs rest on the back and your partner’s shoulders. Warmed up? Slide around and straddle your partner, legs falling over the arm of the chair or wrapped around them.

#2. Kitchen

One could easily get nostalgic here for all the various Hollywood kitchen sex scenes fans have loved, and laughed at, over the years… special nod to Kirk Douglas and Glenn Close here for their portrayal of animalistic desire in Fatal Attraction. But seriously, the kitchen comes with surfaces, tools, toys, and cabinets filled with goodies to up your date-night or hump-day dinner!

Kirk may have played (spanked) Glenn with a spatula, but there are all manner of objects. Maybe a fun way to start would be to blindfold your partner and keep them guessing about the tools you’ll need and the ingredients they’ll be enjoying for dessert.

#3. Bathroom

Like the kitchen, bathrooms have their own unique spots for making sex fun… and can be a great place to enjoy spontaneity. Like the kitchen, they have an array of “toys” you can commandeer to suit your and your partner’s needs!

Plus… the mirror (or mirrors, if you’re lucky), can add to the excitement and prove to be fun sex toys in their own right. Try showing your partner what you find physically sexy about them. Show them what parts you like. Touch those parts. Show them what you like to do to those parts… then do it, and let them enjoy watching you pleasure them and the arousal and pleasure you get from pleasuring them.

Wanna get wet? The bathtub and shower can be both comforting and seductive spots to appreciate and arouse your partner, but they can also be steamy places to turn up the heat and enjoy other, perhaps naughtier, wet sex and water sports. And hey, cleanup’s a breeze!

#4. Garage (or Basement)

No, not talking about car sex… we’ll save that topic for another day. I am talking about that room that houses all those other less recognized places to get down and dirty! The top of the deep freeze, the washing machine with its extra long spin cycle, the workbench you are forbidden to go near! Role play central, and an interesting early/after-hours place to escape to when you’ve got a full house enjoying every other space.

Partner tinkering away again? Show them you need a good hammering too. Maybe steal their tool belt and when they go off frantically searching for it, get naked and strap it on! Just make sure it's loaded with all the proper tools you’ll both need to get the job done right!

#5. Make your own room

Build a fort! This is playtime after all, and what better way to relocate your sex date than to build your own secret hiding place? Sheets, pillows, cushions, and your favorite sex toys…we love using the Namii two-in-one clit sucker/ vibrator! Not only does the Namii suck and vibrate, but it also doubles as a mood light…and every fort needs mood lighting!

Namii by Biird

Once you are done creating your play space and setting the mood, invite your partner into your new private world and show them all there is to explore and enjoy!

Bonus. Get some fresh air

Is your partner pitching a tent? Take advantage of it! Sex outside can be fun, and yes, a bit risqué, two ingredients that can lead to intense arousal and therefore intense orgasms. Whether outside is the apartment building’s laundry room or stairwell, the porch swing, a pool lounger, the pool, the shed, or junior’s tree house, having sex in the wild does not have to mean taking a trip down the road.

The truth about having sex at home…

The adventure of having sex outside of your bedroom can bring you and your partner closer together and help you learn more about each other and what excites you both… and therefore lead to more intense arousal! Moreover, if you’ve ever struggled to ask for sex, attempting to relocate the venue may prove a powerful and empowering tool! 

And as an added bonus, more often than not, sexual inspiration and creativity from one partner leads to sexual creativity and inspiration from the other! Perhaps make it a game, or better yet a challenge… just remember you’re both on the same team and the only score in this game is the Big O!

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