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Best Tips to Orgasm in the Shower

You spend a lot of time in the shower every day, so, naturally, you may consider masturbating while youre already there. However, just like having sex in the shower, masturbating in the shower can also pose some challenges. It can also be a little uncomfortable at times. Youve got to figure out the correct angles, make space for yourself, find the right sex toys, and ensure you have sufficient solo time to orgasm. However, if you get it right, orgasming in the shower can be heavenly.

This article provides innovative tips to help you have an orgasmic time in the shower.

1. Set the mood.

Before you hop into the shower, you should set the mood to ensure a comfortable, relaxing, and exciting session. Play some tunes that turn you on, play an erotic audiobook (if that works for you), light a scented candle, and grab a glass of wine. If you like aromas, you can also sprinkle some essential oils around the shower — the steam from the hot water will make it rise up and surround you while showering. Once you’re in the mood, you can get started.

2. Adjust the water temperature.

A hot shower is a perfect place to enjoy temperature play,” a kind of sexual experience that combines alternating sensations of hot and cold. When youre in the shower, you can increase the temperature while squeezing up against the cold wall. As the cold wall stimulates your clitoris, allow the hot water to run down your back. This can really amp you up while masturbating.

3. Do some Kegels in the shower.

Some women say they experience stronger orgasms if they precede masturbation with a few Kegel exercises. When youre in the shower, contract and release your pelvic floor muscles a few times to increase blood circulation to the area. With increased blood circulation and high water temperature, your clitoris becomes more sensitive, which, in turn, improves your orgasm and masturbation experience.

4. Thumbs, fingers, and lubricants.

The thumbs up” is often recommended as the best shower orgasm and masturbation technique without sex toys. And its extremely simple. You simply have to coat your thumb with a generous amount of lubricant and twirl the thumb inside your vagina as the hot water drips down your body and clitoris. While the thumbs-up technique provides shallow penetration, its the ideal technique to get you warmed up for more.

5. Let the showerhead or faucet work on you.

Some women swear by the orgasmic potential of showerheads and faucets. Adjust the showerhead’s temperature and pressure, and then place it against your vagina to stimulate the clitoris. The pressure from the showerhead will give you a deep and powerful orgasm. However, you shouldn’t use the showerhead for penetrative action, and the pressure shouldn’t be so strong that it hurts. You must adjust the pressure and temperature beforehand.

6. Use a clitoral suction vibrator.

Clitoral suction vibrators are the latest craze when it comes to sex toys, and they’ve been credited with helping women unlock orgasmic potentials they didn’t realize existed. Clitoral suckers, such as Biird’s Namii, are vibrating dildos that use air pressure to deliver sonic pulses through a small opening. When you place the vibrator close to your clitoris, the sonic pulses stimulate the entire clitoral structure, helping you achieve an instant orgasm.

Clitoral suckers help women achieve stronger orgasms than all other types of toys. That’s because clitoral suckers stimulate the entire clitoral structure, and not just the clitoral tip visible at the end. Clitoral suction is one of the only effective means of achieving full-bodied and instant orgasms, making it a suitable alternative to oral sex. Using clitoral suction vibrators in the shower is even better, capable of amplifying your experience.

Biird Namii Clit Sucker

Furthermore, some of the best clitoral vibrators, such as Biird's Evii, are made of waterproof and body-safe silicone. You can also adjust the clitoral vibrators settings to try different vibration levels until you find a setting that works for you. Some women have said that external clitoral vibes produce stronger and more instantaneous orgasms than penetrative sex and all other forms of sexual experience, making them ideal for those with insufficient time for extended masturbation.

7. Try different positions.

Just like shower sex, you can try various positions while masturbating in the shower. If standing up doesn’t do the trick, sit down on the floor or a slab, make yourself comfortable, and use any of the tips mentioned above to masturbate. If the shower is attached to a bathtub, you can also fill the bath, sit at the base, and masturbate underwater. Experiment with positions until you find the ideal spot. You can even ask your partner to join you!

Extra Tip: Place a slip-resistant mat in the shower.

Orgasming, masturbating, and having sex in the shower are completely safe. The only risk is that of slipping and falling if you get excited. To prevent that from occurring, you should grab onto something to remain steady. You should also place a slip-resistant mat in the shower for stability. The mat should be large enough to let you move around a little within the shower. However, you should ideally keep your phone close just in case theres an accident, and you need to call for help.

As long as you’re safe, masturbating in the shower can lead to powerful orgasms.

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