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Discovering Your Body’s Erogenous Zones

Ready for an anatomy lesson? Think less ‘the human ear has three tiny bones inside of it’ and more, ‘welcome to pleasure central’! That’s because we are going to go over your body’s major erogenous zones—and how to explore them with your favorite sex toy! We’ll be focusing on internal parts like the G-spot and external ones like the clitoris. Grab a mirror and your favorite massager!

What Does ‘Erogenous’ Mean?

The word erogenous was gifted to us by the Greeks. ‘Eros’ means ‘love’ and ‘genous’ means ‘producing.’ ‘Love’ might be a little euphemistic, unless you mean that most people love  having these body parts touched by the right person. Erogenous zones are areas of the body—any body—that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. While there are erogenous zones associated with certain anatomies (penis vs clitoris, for example) no one’s body responds to touch in exactly the same way. Some people love a full body massage, for example, while others get too ticklish. 

Erogenous zones are areas of the body—any body—that are sensitive to sexual stimulation.

It pays to learn about common erogenous zones because they’re key to figuring out how you experience pleasure, and how future partners will as well. Though, nothing beats asking them outright!

Exploring Your Body’s Erogenous Zones with Massagers

Before you reach for your massager - whether it's your first time using one or not -know that there are two main ways to think about erogenous zones. There are “main” ones that are directly involved in sexual response, thanks to a lot of nerves, and perhaps also our cultural association with them as sexual organs. We'll first list some of the primary erogenous zones.

1. The Nipples

Nipples come in a lot of different shapes, colors and sensitivities. All these defining features, by the way, can change throughout our lives! Hormones, childbirth, piercings, and even for no reason at all, your sensitivity to and enjoyment of nipple stimulation may fluctuate.

It’s a bit similar to trying to tickle yourself in that way.

You may find that the light vibration of a massager or pinching from your own fingers doesn’t measure up to a partner’s touch. It’s a bit similar to trying to tickle yourself in that way. Nipple clamps or ice cubes are a stronger solution to achieving nipple stimulation while solo! 

2. The Mons Pubis 

Unfamiliar with this term? You’re not alone! This is just a fancy term to describe the area directly above your genitals where pubic hair grows. People have different amounts of fat covering the pubic bone below the skin, but there will always be some there to cushion against bumps and bruising. Nerve endings travel throughout this area, so you shouldn’t ignore it when you bring out your sex toys! Think of massaging this area as making time to tease yourself. 

3. The Labia

Speaking of taking the long way round to pleasure, when is the last time you explored your labia minora and majora? These delicate folds surround and protect your vaginal opening and urethra so their main function isn’t pleasure. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them! They often benefit from sensations that you’re directing at other parts of your body, but why not try lightly brushing your massager against them? We guarantee the best kinds of shivers! 

4. The Clitoris 

When we think of the clitoris, we generally think only of the part we can (sort of) see. Protected by the clitoral hood, the clitoris is analogous to the penis (in fact, they have the same structural basis in utero) so when aroused it will swell and grow bigger. Fun fact: A clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings concentrated just in that small tip!

It’s no surprise then that you probably enjoy the vibrations of a massager on the tip of your clitoris. If it’s too sensitive to touch directly, you may focus instead on massaging the clitoral hood. But that’s not the complete story of clitoral pleasure potential. 

The clitoris is actually a much larger structure within your body. We see the part at the crest of your vulva, but its structure has two ‘arms’ that extend on either side of your vagina. Want to stimulate this hidden part of your pleasure anatomy? Try a suction-based sex toy like Namii. It moves in a way that’s very unlike a traditional massager to give you sensations that resonate deep within your body!

Namii Biird

5. The Vagina

While we may use ‘vagina’ as a shorthand for everything inside the front of our underwear, the vagina actually only refers to the internal passage connecting your cervix to the vaginal opening. (We use the word ‘vulva’ to refer to the whole kit and caboodle you use to canoodle!)

Not only does the vagina have the amazing ability to self-lubricate, it will expand up to 200%!

The vagina is amazing in a lot of ways. While unaroused, it’s about 2-4 inches long, but once you get going, watch out! Not only does the vagina have the amazing ability to self-lubricate, it will expand up to 200%!  

There’s a lot to explore in this dynamic body part before we even discuss the interior—which we will, just wait! Take your time to explore the vaginal opening. You can use use the vibrators of a sex toy designed for external or internal use to do so!

6. The G-Spot

The G-spot is somehow still hotly debated today even though it was first discussed medically in the 1940s by Dr. Grafenberg. (While named for the good doctor, we shortened it to G-spot.) Located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the anteriorfrontalwall, the G-spot will feel slightly rougher in texture. Some people love the vibrations of a massager designed for G-spot stimulation. Others prefer steady or tapping pressure from a non-vibrating sex toy. 

There’s no wrong way to go about it, but don’t get frustrated if stimulating the G-spot doesn’t bring you to orgasm. As mentioned above, the clitoris is where most of our sexually responsive nerves are centered, and that’s where you may most easily be able to stimulate yourself to orgasm.

7. The Anus

While you may not have a prostate to stimulate, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from looking behind you for pleasure. When exploring anal stimulation, there are just a few key rules to follow to ensure your safety. (Because nothing kills the mood like panicking about a potential hospital visit!)

Firstly, any sex toy that you use for internal stimulation needs to have a flared base. Most anal sex toys have an oval shaped part meant for insertion. Then, at the bottom, they will sharply taper in and then out, forming a sort of handle. This design makes it easier for removal and insures your body’s unconscious spasms don’t suck the sex toy up inside you.

Unlike the vagina, your anus can’t self-lubricate when you get turned on. Be generous when it comes to the slippery stuff!

Secondly, lube is your friend. Unlike the vagina, your anus can’t self-lubricate when you get turned on. Be generous when it comes to the slippery stuff!

Oh, and lastly, cleanliness is next to sex godliness. If you use a massager (internal or external sex toys) for anal play, you need to clean it thoroughly before letting it coming back in contact with your vagina. If you don’t want to interrupt your sexy session with a trip to the sink, cover your toy for anal use with a condom, then take it off after. Trust us, your vagina will thank you!

Surprising Secondary Erogenous Zones (and Using Sex Toys to Find Them)

We’ve listed the most common erogenous zones on your body, but we didn’t list all of them. There are other parts of your body that have higher density of nerves and hair follicles that respond positively to touch and turn us on. Places like the back of our necks, rim of our ear, or our wrists. 

No body is the same, so spend some time figuring out what your hot spots are! You can use your hands, or massagers to stimulate all parts of your body. As long as you’re following some basic sex toy safety, it’s totally okay to go off-book when exploring erogenous zones!

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