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Coregasms Explained: Can You Have Orgasms While You Exercise?

Have you ever experienced a sudden surge of pleasure while exercising? If so, youre probably familiar with coregasms, a term coined to describe exercise-induced orgasms.

The study found that women often experienced orgasms while performing abdominal workouts, climbing, or lifting weights.

The term “coregasm” came into popularity after a study was published in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy entitled “exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women.” The study was conducted on 530 women using an internet-based survey. The study found that women often experienced orgasms while performing abdominal workouts, climbing, or lifting weights.

These findings showed that orgasms aren’t intrinsically sexual experiences, and they can also be induced through exercises. This article explores the concept of coregasms or exercise-induced orgasms.

What is a Coregasm?

A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm that happens while working out or engaging in certain exercises. When you engage the core muscles while lifting heavy objects or during abdominal workouts, you also have to engage and contract your pelvic muscles, which, in turn, can induce orgasms. Coregasms are considered asexual because they happen independently of sexual thoughts or fantasies.

How Does a Coregasm Happen?

Theres considerable speculation on how exactly a coregasm happens. However, the most accepted theory is that the engagement of fatigued abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles trigger internal responses that cause coregasms. While coregasms usually occur during abdominal workouts, your ability to coregasm also depends on your anatomy, the way your body moves, your emotional state, and other factors.

How Do Coregasms Feel?

Theres no empirical evidence or studies to describe how coregasms feel. As such, you can only base the experience on other womens responses. However, even when it comes to vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation, different women have different sensations during orgasm. Similarly, different women experience different sensations during coregasms.

You might sense the coregasm in your lower abdominals, pelvis, or inner thighs instead of the clitoris.

Most women, however, describe coregasms as similar to deep vaginal orgasms but less intense. You might sense the coregasm in your lower abdominals, pelvis, or inner thighs instead of the clitoris. While the sensation is similar to a deep vaginal orgasm, some women say it’s not as tingly or sensitive.

Tips to Induce Coregasms

  • Engage in abdominal workouts to strengthen the core.
  • Incorporate Kegel exercises into your routine.
  • Do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio before the workouts.
  • Engage in high-intensity workouts.
  • Do more repetitions of the same exercises.
  • Be mindful of any sensations arising in your lower abdominals or pelvis.

Tips to Avoid Coregasms

  • Avoid exercises that have induced coregasms before.
  • If you sense the onset of a coregasm, move on to the next exercise.
  • Relax your abdominals or pelvis while doing your exercises.

5 Exercises that Induce Coregasms


Crunches, also known as sit-ups, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that improve the overall quality and frequency of orgasms during workouts or sex. Lie down on your back with the soles of your feet on the floor and lift your pelvis up. Fold your hands in front of your chest or place them behind your head, tighten your core, and lift your head and shoulders off the floor using your abdominal strength. You can either do a half sit-up by lifting just the shoulders or a full sit-up by lifting the entire upper back off the floor. Lower your body onto the floor and repeat the movement for the desired number of reps and sets.


As the name suggests, this is a simple exercise wherein you climb various objects or obstacles, such as poles, ropes, trees, or walls. While climbing up, you have to engage and contract your pelvic floor muscles, i.e., pretend you have to stop yourself from peeing. Furthermore, while climbing, it helps to keep your pelvis close to the object to increase friction. The likelihood of inducing a coregasm is higher if the object is textured, such as a rope or tree. As you climb up, the friction from the material and the contracted pelvic muscles may bring you close to an orgasm.


While cycling, your hips are already in contact with the bicycle seat. If you want a burst of pleasure, you can lean ahead to increase the friction against your clitoris. Continue cycling at a moderate to heavy pace while bracing your core muscles. Over time, as the pressure mounts, you may feel an onset of pleasure in your lower abdominals or pelvis, signaling an oncoming coregasm.

Captains Chair

The Captain’s Chair is a common exercise performed using a machine available in gyms. It’s an upright machine with padded armrests — holding the armrests, you have to lift your legs up using just your lower abdominals. This exercise activates and strengthens the lower abdominals and pelvic muscles, thereby increasing your chance of inducing a coregasm. During the exercise, you have to place your forearms on the padded armrests with your back against the machine. Squeeze your thighs and abs to lift your legs and lower abs toward the chest. Lower your legs again and repeat the movement.


You can also induce orgasms while lifting dumbbells or performing deadlifts. You should stand with your feet hip-width apart while holding a dumbbell in front of your body. Bend lower from the waist while grabbing the dumbbell with an overhand grip. Once youre all the way down, engage your core muscles and pelvic muscles to thrust with your hips and stand up straight. Repeat this movement repeatedly until your pelvic muscles are sensitive and you feel the onset of an orgasm. The odds of orgasming are higher if you brace your core muscles while lifting the weights.

You should note that coregasms can certainly be exciting, but they’re also extremely unpredictable — most women experience coregasms accidentally. As such, instead of working actively to induce a coregasm, you should continue working out as you usually would — the coregasm can be a great addition to your session but it’s not a necessity.

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