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How Kisses Can Make Sex Extremely Steamy

Kissing is one of the most exciting sexual activities capable of enhancing your overall sexual desire. Its one of the clearest physical manifestations of love, passion, and romance, which, in turn, are crucial for healthy relationships. Kissing can also make your sexual experience incredibly steamy and exciting. Whether youre with a long-term partner or engaging in the act of casual sex, kissing can make the experience so much more intense and exciting. Besides its obvious benefits for your relationship and sex, kissing also has numerous physiological benefits for your body!

Kissing improves your mental health, paving the way for better sexual experiences in general.

Kissing holds numerous benefits when it comes to mental health and tension relief. Whether we realize it or not, we absorb negative energy throughout the day from our environment, work, relationships, and news of worldly events. Sexual touch, sensuality, and kissing are the strongest antidotes to these negative energies. Psychologists agree that kissing can enhance your sense of wellbeing, safety, and comfort, which, in turn, improves your mental health. And when we feel safe and secure in a partner’s embrace, we’re more likely to enjoy full-bodied pleasure.

Kissing is often called a form of sensual meditation” because it centers and grounds you in the present moment. The only way to truly enjoy sex is to be grounded at the moment, completely in touch with your physical body and sensations. While having sex without kissing, it's possible to dissociate from your body and get lost in your thoughts, delving on negative thoughts and emotions that impact your sexual experience. However, kissing a partner stills the buzzing in your mind and grounds you in the present moment, thereby enhancing your overall sexual experience.

Kissing builds intimacy and trust with your partner.

Kissing is an incredibly intimate and personal act. Those who engage in regular casual sex might even say it’s more intimate than sex itself. That’s because kissing involves being extremely close to someone’s face. You have to trust that person to get so close without fear, shame, or anxiety. It also familiarizes you with their scents, taste, touch, and the micro-expressions that run through their face. By interpreting those micro-expressions and emotions, your brain registers more about that person than from simple conversations. And understanding your partner significantly improves your sexual experience.

Sex workers often say they prefer sex without kissing because the latter entails more intimacy.

The mouth and lips contain more nerve endings than genitals.

The human brain contains numerous receptors that intercept signals sent from the lips. The volume of nerve endings in various parts of the body determines your sense of perception. The back, for instance, doesnt have a lot of nerve endings. As such, people who are stabbed in the back may not know whats happened — they might think someone has simply punched them. However, the receptors on the lips are more sensitive than on most other parts of the body. Thats essential because the mouth must sense whats passing through at all times.

The lips have more nerve endings and sensations than even the genitals, which, in turn, produces far stronger emotions and sensations.

Kissing unleashes the pleasure hormones and chemicals.

The act of kissing is related to lust, romantic love, and secure attachment with a partner. Each of these emotions and sensations releases different chemicals and hormones in the brain. Lust and sex drive release testosterone in men and women, romantic love releases dopamine and norepinephrine, and secure attachment releases oxytocin. All of these chemicals induce different forms of pleasure, making you feel sexual, madly in love, or simply safe. Kissing is the physical activity most capable of releasing these pleasure hormones and chemicals, making your sexual experience incredibly steamy.

Kissing helps you explore your partner’s erogenous zones.

The erogenous zones are parts of the bodies with high volumes of nerve endings, allowing them to send intense pleasure signals to the brain. The lips and genitals are the most popular erogenous zones for obvious reasons. However, kissing also allows you to explore other less-popular erogenous zones that can intensify the sexual experience. Each individual is unique, so you must find your partner’s erogenous zones with patience. However, unlocking each other’s erogenous zones can make your sexual experience more pleasurable than you may think possible.

While kissing your partner, you can trail your kisses to other parts of the body, such as the earlobes, the nape of the neck, the nipples, thighs, elbows, the back of the knees, feet, and other areas. As you do so, gauge your partner’s reactions to determine how they’re liking the experience. This will allow you to identify your partner’s erogenous zones. They can do the same with you to explore your erogenous zones. Kissing allows you to explore each other’s erogenous zones, which can significantly boost your sexual experience’s steaminess.

The next time you have sex, either with a steady partner or casually, spend a little more time exploring the pleasures of kissing.

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