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7 Body Parts to Lick on Your Partner

When it comes to sex, most people focus on stimulating the most obvious sexual organs, such as the clitoris, penis, and other parts of the genitalia. In anticipation of having sex, most people skip over other parts of the body, such as the wrists, neck, knees, etc. However, the human body is complete with sensitive erogenous zones that can deliver unexpected forms of pleasure. Exploring your partners body can open up a wide array of potentially sensitive areas just waiting to be stimulated. Below, we list 7 body parts to lick on your partner to maximize your sexual experience.


If youve ever had a hair styling session at a salon, youre probably aware of the pleasure you get when someone touches and massages your scalp. The sensation of someones hands kneading your scalp can be incredibly soothing. You can also incorporate that into your sexual experience. Run your fingers through your partners hair, massage their scalp, run your fingernails across the scalp, and gauge their reaction. If they react positively, you can also lean closer, breathe onto their scalp, and lick the corners of their ears and scalp gently.


Have you ever tucked your partner’s hair behind their ears? Or has your partner ever tucked your hair behind your ears? If so, you’re probably aware of the immense intimacy of that act. Besides being an incredibly intimate gesture, tickling the earlobe can also be arousing. When you’re massaging your partner’s scalp, try playing with their earlobes gently. While doing so, study your partner’s reactions — if they respond positively, focus more on the earlobes. You can also lick their earlobes while breathing gently into the ears. The warmth of your breath against their ears will likely send tingles down their spine.


Little kisses and licks on the nape of the neck are always incredibly pleasurable. In fact, some people are so overwhelmed by the sensation of warm breath and soft licks on the nape of the neck that they’re instantly aroused. The next time you’re kissing your partner, trail your kisses downwards until you reach the nape of their neck. You’re sure to be met with an incredibly positive response. Your partner’s breath might start racing, indicating that they’re getting turned on. The neck also happens to be an incredibly vulnerable spot, which just heightens the pleasure.


The inside of the wrist is an incredibly powerful but underrated, erogenous zone. It has many nerve endings, especially around the pulse point, that send off numerous pleasure signals. Most people arent aware that the inner wrist can be an erogenous zone, which is more reason to explore it. The inner wrist is also a great location to initiate sexual contact. When youre with your partner, look into their eyes, take their wrists in your hands, and gently run your tongue in circles around the pulse point. This can be an excellent starting point for your sexual experience.


The buttocks are incredibly sensitive areas full of nerve endings, making them one of the most effective erogenous zones. The best way to stimulate the buttocks is to give your partner a deep massage. Alternate soft and hard strokes to gauge their reaction. If your partner is comfortable, you can also gently bite their cheeks and run your tongue between the inner buttocks and anus, which is another one of the bodys most prominent seats of pleasure. You dont have to push past the anus — licking the outer ring is enough to make your partner melt. However, if your partner is willing, you can also push your tongue deeper into the anus for enhanced pleasure.


The soft spot behind the knee is another nerve-rich erogenous zone worth exploring. Most people dont touch the inner knees, so its an undiscovered pleasure point. However, licking your partner behind the knees can release incredibly fulfilling pleasure signals. You can also trace your tongue up the knees and lick their inner thighs to build up the anticipation before you reach their genitals. Licking the inner knees serves two purposes — it activates the nerve endings to deliver pleasure signals while simultaneously building anticipation before oral sex.


When it comes to erogenous zones, the feet usually have people divided strongly — you either love or hate it. Some cant stand having their feet touched or licked, while others turn to jelly when their feet are played with. For some people, having the feet licked, sucked, or even touched can be incredibly powerful. Its important to distinguish between foot fetishism and merely enjoying the sensation of having your feet touched. Its perfectly normal to enjoy having your feet licked — its a physiological response that most people have. If youre unsure how your partner will feel about it, you can start by trailing your fingers along their feet. If their response is positive, you can use your tongue.

The body parts listed above are certainly not the only areas you can lick on your partner. The human body is full of erogenous zones — different people respond to different areas being licked. Some of the most popular erogenous zones include the nipples, inner thighs, and genitals. If you truly want to please your partner, take the time to gradually explore every inch of their body. That’s how you’ll learn about their unique erogenous zones.

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