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Top 10 Erogenous Zones to Lick and Touch

When things get heated up in the bedroom, most people move towards a few obvious parts of the body. You might go for the lips, nipples, butt, or crotch, but the human body’s sexual appetite goes so much deeper. Licking and touching the erogenous zones is one of the most exciting ways to spice up your sexual relationships. Besides improving your sex life, it can also increase your interpersonal intimacy because learning about someone’s erogenous zones involves having an intimate understanding of their bodies.

Erogenous zones are the incredibly sensitive areas with numerous nerve endings — these regions provide immense sexual stimulation. However, everyone’s erogenous zones aren’t the same — you have to find your partner’s specific erogenous zones, which means licking them all over to truly understand what makes them grow weak with sexual desire. In this article, we help you get a head start — we provide a list of the top erogenous zones in the human body. The next time you’re sexually engaged with your partner, try licking these areas to see how they react.

1. The neck

The nape and the back of the neck have so many nerve endings that gently breathing on them can drive your partner insane. It doesn’t work for everyone — but when it works, it really works. The best part about this erogenous zone is that it also feels incredibly tender and intimate. As you’re kissing your partner, move your head slightly to the side, hold their head close, and gently breathe into the nape of their neck. If they breathe faster in response, you’ll have found a major erogenous zone to lick and play with.

2. The armpits

If you dont mind a bit of underarm sweat or hair, the armpits are an excellent place to lick and play with. You ever noticed how your armpits are incredibly ticklish? Thats because they have dense nerve connections, making them highly sensitive. The same factor that makes them ticklish also makes them a prime erogenous zone. You can explore this by brushing the tips of your fingers gently against their underarms to gauge their reactions. If they respond, let your tongue do the rest.

3. The ears

The ears are an incredibly intimate erogenous zone that most people entirely ignore during foreplay. The ears contain a vast number of sensory receptors, making them extremely sensitive to touch. While kissing your partner, you can gently trace the C-shape curves of their ears to see how they respond. If they respond positively, try gently nibbling on the ears, whispering or breathing into them, or licking them. You can also take this opportunity to slide your hands below the waist to amp up the stimulation.

4. The pubic mound

The little spot just above the pubic bone is incredibly sensitive because of various nerve endings, pheromone-producing glands, and natural scent. Since it’s just above the genitals, licking the region releases a wide range of pheromones that induce sexual excitement, while the natural scent can also induce further arousal. You can start by massaging the area gently to induce arousal, pull on the sensitive skin with your fingers, and then gently suck on it to trigger the sensations.

5. The inner thighs

If you’re going down on your partner, avoid going straight for the genitals. Instead, tease your partner by licking the inner thighs right beside the genitals. Not only are the inner thighs incredibly sensitive in their own rights, but they also build anticipation for the main course. The inner thighs are especially sensitive to licks, nibbles, and suction sensations. You can also try tracing an ice cube up and down their thighs to further the stimulation.

6. The stomach

The lower abdomen region between the belly button and pubic bone is an incredibly sensitive region primed for arousal. The g-spot just happens to be located on the other end of this area, which means you can potentially induce an orgasm through the stomach! You can stimulate this area with your tongue and fingers to activate the g-spot while building anticipation. Some people also enjoy introducing a clitoral suction toy to generate a section force around this area, which can further improve the sensation.

7. The feet

The feet contain various delicate pressure points that can induce deep sensations with the right touch. The arches of the feet are specifically packed with nerve endings that can trigger intense sexual arousal. However, this region is so sensitive that most people get ticklish, so you must focus on deep and steady strokes. You can also lick the thin skin between the toes — another massively under-valued erogenous zone in the human body.

8. The anus

The anus is one of the most sensitive regions on the human body, even if butt-play isn’t for everyone. However, people have widely different preferences when it comes to anal sex. You can try licking up and down the anus, circling the rim of the anus with your tongue (rimming), or gentle penetration. However, the anus truly responds when there’s plenty of lubrication, so don’t forget to lube up!

9. The nipples

We’ve placed nipples so far down on the list not because they’re not as pleasurable as the others, but because they’re fairly obvious. Most people are aware of the intense sensations induced by nipple play, so it doesn’t require a lot of introduction. Try using different types of motions and sensations while playing with your partner’s nipples to learn what works best for them.

10. The clitoris

Another incredibly obvious erogenous zone is the clitoris. However, most people are aware of how sensitive the clitoris can be, so it doesnt need an introduction. But we can say this — most people dont know how to stimulate the entire clitoral structure. In most cases, penetrative sex, vibrators, and oral sex only trigger the clitoral tip — the visible tip of the clitoris. However, a new sex toy called Namii delivers sonic pulses that stimulate the entire clitoral structure, inducing the deepest and most powerful orgasms.

Namii Biird

Remember, these are just some of the erogenous zones in the human body, and each individual has a different set of sensitive zones. The only way you’ll learn what works best for your partner is through experimentation and lots of exploration, so get cracking!

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