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Using Sextoys When Pregnant - The Ins & Out

Just because youre pregnant doesnt mean you dont have sexual desires anymore. Nor does it mean you cant use sex toys anymore. There are many exciting ways to continue using sex toys to achieve powerful orgasms throughout pregnancy.

Sex toys come in numerous forms: rabbit sex toys, eggs, bullets, rings, dildos, vibrators, clit stimulators, clit suckers, and so much more. Different sex toys are designed for different goals and concerns — some provide vaginal stimulation, some provide clitoral stimulation, some offer indirect stimulation, and some are great for anal stimulation. Using sex toys during pregnancy can help you achieve strong, powerful orgasms.

When youre pregnant, your genitals are usually engorged, lubricated, and extremely sensitive. Your body produces a high volume of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, which can lead to the extreme sensitivity of your delicate areas. Unless your doctor has expressly forbidden sex and sex toys for medical reasons, you can go ahead and use sex toys whenever you want. Because of increased hormone levels, using sex toys can be even more pleasurable during this period of your life.

While you can still use all sex toys, you may need to modify the usage of certain toys. When youre pregnant, your feel certain sensations more powerfully and intensely, so its important to listen to your body. If something feels strange or uncomfortable, you should stop and modify how youre using the device. Some pregnant women need to switch their toys for smaller toys or use the existing toys in novel ways.

This article describes some safe ways to use sex toys during pregnancy.

Explore your erogenous zones with sex toys 

The human body is capable of delivering pleasure in unexpected ways. If you only focus on your genitals, you ignore most of your bodys pleasure centers. Instead of stimulating your genitals, you should use sex toys to explore your bodys erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are the parts of your body that deliver extremely strong sensual feelings. They contain a high concentration of nerve endings, so stimulating them can lead to intense pleasure. Some of the most common erogenous zones on the body include the nipples, underarms, feet, neck, and thighs. You can use sex toys to explore these regions, especially since pregnancy may produce even more powerful sensations. Simply stroking the region with vibrators may deliver powerful sensations.

Keep your sex toys completely clean

Hygiene is essential when using sex toys, especially when youre pregnant. You must clean your sex toys with hot, soapy water and then dry them completely before and after each use. After using the sex toy, you must store it in a clean and dry place so theres no risk of bacterial accumulation. If you dont clean and sterilize your sex toys, you may unwittingly carry unwanted bacteria into your vagina, which can lead to unwanted symptoms.

Don’t use the same toys for the vagina and anus

Sex toys are extremely versatile — they can be used on various parts of your body, including the anus. When pregnant, you must not use the same sex toy in your vagina and anus. If you use the sex toy to stimulate the anus, you may carry fecal bacteria into the vagina, which can lead to bacterial infections. If you want to stimulate the anus, use two separate sex toys for both entries. Furthermore, you should be careful with anal penetration to avoid hemorrhoids or anal tears.

Read the labels of your lotions and lubricants

Erotic lubrications and lotions are essential for penetration, especially anal penetration. You can get lubricants in various colors, flavors, ingredients, and science, some of which arent good for your skin and vagina. You must avoid products that contain menthe or mint for cooling or capsaicin for warming sensations. You should also avoid lubricants that contain sugar because they can lead to yeast infections. You should generally stick to scentless, colorless, water-based lubricants.

Furthermore, you should also read the product’s label and fine print carefully. If the label mentions “not for pregnant women” or “for external use only,” don’t bring it anywhere near your vagina, clitoris, or anus!

Only use body-safe materials for sex toys 

You must only use body-safe materials for your sex toys. This is a pretty solid rule that also applies to people who arent pregnant, but its especially pertinent for pregnant women. Some sex toys, such as latex and rubber sex toys, are extremely porous, so they can trap germs and bacteria. Over time, as bacteria accumulate in the pores, you may carry them into the vagina, leading to a high risk of vaginal or yeast infection.

Furthermore, porous sex toys are almost impossible to sterilize completely with hot water alone. Instead of porous sex toys, you must use nonporous body-safe sex toys, such as those made of body-safe silicone. Body-safe silicone is a completely nonporous material, so it can’t trap germs or bacteria, making it extremely easy to clean with hot water and soap. Biird’s Namii is an excellent example of a body-safe sex toy because it’s completely nonporous and has a smooth, silky sensation ideal for clitoral stimulation.

Biird Namii Clit Sucker for Pregnancy

You should also avoid sex toys that contain “phthalates,” compounds that can disrupt the natural hormones produced by your body. That’s why phthalates are no longer used in pacifiers and other baby products, and sex toys that contain phthalates shouldn’t be in your body.

Always listen to your body (and doctor)

You must be extremely gentle and careful with your body. You can certainly use whichever sex toy you want and achieve orgasms. But if something doesn’t feel right, stop, take a break, and try again later or change your technique. And if your doctor asks you not to have sex, you should also stop using sex toys for penetration. However, you can still use sex toys to stimulate your erogenous zones without penetration.

Sex toys are ideal for pregnant women because they allow you to seize control of your sexual pleasure and desires. As long as you follow these tips, you can go ahead and use sex toys!

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