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Explaining Your Sex Dreams

Some people believe that dreams are completely random. And some believe dreams are indications of the subconscious and can be interpreted to reveal your deeper desires. If you believe your dreams have a deeper meaning, youve probably tried to interpret your sex dreams for hidden clues about your psyche. The analysis of sex dreams can help you better understand whats lurking underneath the surface.

Sleep can liberate your subconscious, allowing it to protect thoughts, desires, and aspirations in your dreamland. But what do your specific sex dreams mean? And what can you do about them? This article explains the hidden meanings behind some of the most common sex dreams. 

#1. Sex dreams where you or your partner are cheating

If you have a sex dream in which you or your partner are cheating with someone else, you should explore its meaning. If you dream that your partner is cheating, perhaps you’re insecure about your partner’s faithfulness, with or without reason. In some cases, your insecurity may be a projection of your psyche. In other cases, your insecurity may stem from your partner’s actions. Regardless, you must communicate your concerns with your partner.

Your dream may indicate that youve picked up subtle clues that your partner is cheating. But these clues dont necessarily indicate that your suspicions are accurate. Instead of bottling up your concerns, you should talk to your partner. Perhaps you can even describe the dream to your partner, explain what you may have observed, and ask for an explanation. If you believe your dreams are not warranted, you can try to understand the source of your suspicion.

Even if youre the one cheating in your sex dream, it doesnt necessarily mean youre going to or even want to cheat in reality. You have nothing to be guilty about. Instead of worrying, try to determine if somethings missing in your relationship. Sometimes, sex dreams in which youre cheating may indicate that you want to address issues with your current relationship. Again, a conversation is essential — talk to your partner about whats bothering you.

#2. Sex dreams where you fantasize about inappropriate people

Have you had a sex dream about someone inappropriate, i.e., someone you don’t have a sexual relationship with, such as your work colleague, best friend, sibling, or your partner’s friends? Just because you’re having a sex dream about that person doesn’t mean you actually want a sexual relationship with them. Sometimes, your mind takes context clues and connects the dots to help you make sense of the world.

For example, if you have a sexual dream about a colleague, it could indicate that you want to work closely with them. If you have a sex dream about a best friend, perhaps you simply feel a deep emotional connection with them. Nothing is taboo or out of bounds in your dream world. No matter what you fantasize about, theres nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about.

#3. Sex dreams where you engage in public sex

People often dream about having sex in outdoor situations and locations, such as in a car, out in the woods, or even in front of lots of people. Dreaming about public sex doesn’t mean you necessarily want to become an exhibitionist. Your sex dream could simply indicate that you feel vulnerable or self-conscious in your relationship. Or perhaps you’re afraid of vulnerability.

Sex dreams often have a connection to your waking world. Perhaps youre dreaming of public sex because you fear that a piece of particular information about your life may get exposed to people, thus making you feel vulnerable. You may also dream of public sex because you want to reveal a secret that youre harboring. Alternatively, perhaps you really do have sexual fantasies about public sex, even if you dont want that in reality.

#4. Sex dreams where you have sex with a celebrity

People often have sex dreams and fantasies about celebrities. This is perfectly natural. You may have even used fantasies about your favorite celebrity during your sexual experiences or during masturbation. But dreaming about having sex with celebrities can often have more to do with your personal feelings and insecurities in real life. Perhaps youre dreaming of having sex with someone famous because you feel underappreciated and unimportant in your real life.

#5. Sex dreams where you have the best orgasms

Sometimes, sex dreams are so sexy that they can lead to spontaneous nocturnal emissions. If you have mind-blowing sex in your dreams, it’s worth looking at the contents of the dream more closely. In some cases, dreaming about mind-blowing sex may indicate that you feel unfulfilled in your waking life. You can analyze the dream to better understand what it would take to make you feel more sexually fulfilled.

If youre in a partnership, you can even talk to your partner about your sex dream. If your sex dream involves new acts that youve never tried, such as a stripteasefoot fetishism, or other types of kinks, you can even possibly integrate them into your sexual experience. Sometimes, sex dreams can inspire you to get more creative with your partner. But if you dont feel comfortable recreating your sex dream, thats also okay — sometimes, dreams are just dreams.

#6. Sex dreams about an inability to have sex

Another popular type of sex dream is one in which you physically can’t have sex. You might be turned on and ready and eager to have sex, but something holds you back. It can be sexual problems, such as an inability to achieve an erection, or external problems, such as people constantly intervening and preventing you from having sex. This type of sex dream can indicate that you have an emotional blockage or an aspect of your life that you can’t reconcile with.

Ultimately, no one can know exactly what sex dreams mean and indicate. But we can analyze our dreams to better understand how they can be connected to our real lives. Accessing your sex dreams and analyzing them can help you better understand yourself.

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