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A Step by Step Guide to Breast Orgasms

Most people assume that women can only orgasm through vaginal or clitoral stimulation. But that’s far from true — the female body is full of erogenous zones that can trigger orgasms without ever touching genitals. And yes, the breasts, specifically the nipples, are incredibly powerful erogenous zones capable of delivering brilliant orgasms.

If you explore your breasts and nipples patiently, youll discover your body can deliver a lot more pleasure than you originally thought. Below, we describe how breast orgasms are possible, what they feel like, and how to have a breast orgasm.

How are breast orgasms possible?

Delicate pleasure nerves are present throughout the body. The areas with a high concentration of these nerve endings are usually erogenous zones that deliver pleasure. The clitoris is naturally the body’s most common pleasure center because of a high concentration of nerve endings. But nipples also have hundreds of nerve endings that make them extremely sensitive to touch.

Have you ever tried stroking your nipples? If so, you may have shuddered with pleasure for a brief second. Have you ever noticed how your nipples perk up when its cold? Those responses occur because of the nerve endings in your nipples. When stimulated carefully and patiently (different sensations work for different people), they can trigger the same part of the brain thats usually aroused by clitoral stimulation.

How do breast orgasms feel?

Every individual has a unique experience with orgasms. Your orgasms may be triggered by different sensations from others, and they may also feel different. However, most women say breast orgasms escalate gradually and then explode suddenly. The sensation is often described to travel across the whole body, building up like a rumbling brook until the floodgates open and you experience a powerful orgasm.

Some women also say breast and nipple orgasms feel especially potent and powerful during menstrual cycles. Hormonal changes in your body during menstruation or pregnancy can increase your breast sensitivity and tenderness, as you may already be aware. You can take these moments to caress your breasts and explore different sensations to heighten your orgasm. The best way to know how breast orgasms feel is through experimentation.

How to experience a breast orgasm?

Step 1: Start with a breast massage

If you want to experience a powerful breast orgasm, you have to start with some experimentation. As mentioned earlier, different people experience orgasms in different ways. You should take some time to yourself to explore your breasts — it might not work the first time around, but you should try different techniques in different moments to better understand your body.

You can start by giving yourself a breast massage. Lie down in a comfortable position, rub some scented essential oils between your palms, and stroke your breasts. You can try different kinds of touches and strokes, such as running the fingers gently across the breasts, leading the breasts with your knuckles, or pinching the nipples between your fingers. Some also claim that scratching the nipple can work.

Try different techniques, and when you experience some sensitivity, lean into that sensation. You can also try rubbing your breasts through fabric — the scratchiness of the fabric might work better than just your hands. Continue exploring different techniques and styles until you find one that works for you. However, you have to be extremely mindful during this experience to tap into your body’s sensations.

Step 2: Involve your partner in your breast play

Self-massage is an excellent way to explore your true desires, so you can better communicate them with your partner. Once you understand your breasts better, you can involve your partner in the act. Ask them to massage your breasts and use different strokes and techniques. They can also try licking and sucking your nipples, which can increase blood flow to the area and trigger sensitivity.

Soft and gentle methods don’t work for everyone. Some people also like rough sensations. If that’s your preference, ask your partner to nibble your nipples, pinch and bite your breasts, or include breast bondage and nipple clamps in the act. You can also try incorporating temperature play into your act, using ice cubes to increase breast and nipple sensitivity. Explore away until you find the sensations that work best for you.

Step 3: Play with your breasts and genitals simultaneously

Some people can’t experience breast orgasms because of a mental barrier since they associate orgasms purely with the clitoris. You can overcome that mental barrier by playing with your breasts and genitals simultaneously. Massage your breasts and nipples while playing with your clitoris, all while focusing on the sensations in your breasts. This will allow you to gradually start associating the breasts with pleasure, increasing your chance of breast orgasms.

If you’re used to clitoral orgasms, you can also start with that and eventually push yourself over the edge with breast stimulation. Play with your clitoris as you usually would, using your fingers, sex toys, or your partner. Once you’re close to an orgasm, start focusing on your breasts and nipples to complete the orgasm. This will help you overcome the mental barrier and start associating breasts with orgasms more exclusively.

Step 4: Practice mindfulness to increase breast sensitivity

The human body can’t be separated from the mind. Sure, your body can deliver certain sensations even without mindfulness, but meditative awareness can heighten the experience. This is especially true for breast orgasms. When you massage your breasts, your body releases oxytocin, a chemical associated with feelings of love. Instead of distracting yourself from that sensation, lean into it, feel the warmth, and allow yourself to ride your emotions.

Step 5: Use sex toys to enhance the sensation

Sex toys aren’t always necessary for breast orgasms, but they can certainly help. Some sex toys are specifically designed to deliver powerful orgasms and unlock your body’s pleasure centers. You can try stimulating your breasts with a clitoral vibrator, like our own Evii,  experimenting with different vibration modes to see what works.

Evii Biird

Whatever you do, please tap into your mind and body’s sensations, be mindful of how you feel, and follow your body’s rhythms to explore your bliss.

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