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What Exactly is a Neck Fetish?

Humans are complex beings full of different forms of sexual desire wrestling for control. No matter how strange you believe your secret sexual fantasies might be, you can rest assured others probably share in those fantasies. Different people often fetishize different parts of the body — fetishism is different from simple attraction — including the neck. What you find arousing might not be the same as those of others, but as long as you’re safe and consensual, there’s nothing wrong with your fetishes.

The neck is one of the most innocent-seeming parts of the body as a subject of fetishism. And unlike many other body parts, neck fetishism doesnt have to be acted upon without clothing. You might dismiss the idea of a neck fetish because it seems so common and banal, but a fetish doesnt have to be wild or inappropriate. To understand a neck fetish, you need to first understand sexual fetishes in general. In this article, we describe everything you need to know about neck fetishes.

What is a sexual fetish?

A sexual fetish is when someone is sexually excited by objects or body parts that aren’t traditionally viewed as sexual organs, such as the feet, hands, shoes, particular costumes, or even the neck. Some individuals need to be exposed to their particular fetish to become aroused, and others simply find that their experience is heightened by exposure to the fetish. If an individual has a sexual fetish, they might hold, sniff, taste, or rub the fetishized body part or ask their partner to wear/ use certain objects.

It’s impossible to make a list of sexual fetishes because there are so many. Anything under the sun can be considered a sexual fetish for someone, including body parts, objects, clothing, materials, or activities. Some of the most common sexual fetishes include the feet, neck, piercing, tattoos, hair, latex, shirts, socks, shoes, pain, subjugation, dominance, and much more. As you can see from this list, a sexual fetish can be material (latex, skirts, and pieces of clothing) or abstract (the idea of humiliation and dominance).

It’s important to highlight that a sexual fetish isn’t a disorder. If your partner wants to engage in a sexual fetish that you’re comfortable with, then the sexual act can even be a bonding exercise, bringing you closer together. But if a sexual fetish causes lasting distress, then it can be considered a disorder. A sexual fetish only rises to a disorder if it feels out of control, i.e., if the individual must significantly disrupt their professional and social life to accommodate the fetish.

What is a neck fetish?

A neck fetish is a sexual fetish focused on the neck. But it’s important to understand that simply enjoying the neck during foreplay doesn’t mean you have a neck fetish. Most people enjoy kissing, licking, and caressing the neck, but that doesn’t mean they have a fetish. If you enjoy your partner’s neck as a part of a sexual experience, that’s not necessarily a fetish. But if the neck is the primary source of sexual arousal, you may have a neck fetish. The line between simple sexual desire and a sexual fetish is fairly mild, especially when it comes to the neck.

Most people enjoy kissing, licking, and caressing the neck, but that doesn’t mean they have a fetish

The neck is also one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and its extremely sensitive, which makes it even more sensual. Furthermore, people often adorn the neck with jewelry, scarves, and other items of clothing, and the prospect of uncovering the neck can be sexually arousing. All of these factors can lead to sexual arousal. Just like you may eroticize the genitals because they remain hidden, the neck can also become a source of sexual arousal if it remains covered. The neck also bears the scent of the individual, which can add to the sexual desire.

Individuals with neck fetishes may want to suck or bite their partner’s neck to leave love bites. Most people try leaving love bites at some point, but the constant desire to leave a love bite is indicative of a neck fetish. Furthermore, the desire to leave a love bite also connects a neck fetish with the desire to leave a mark of adoration on the partner’s skin. The motives behind neck fetish can be numerous. As long as you’re indulging in your fetish with your partner’s consent and in a safe manner, you’re good.

The neck is a powerful erogenous zone

Even if you dont have a neck fetish, you might still feel sexually aroused when someone tickles, licks, or caresses your neck. Thats because the neck is one of the bodys primary erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a body part with a high concentration of nerve endings, so the lightest of touches, kisses, and licks can produce a deep sense of arousal. Try breathing down the nape of your partners neck — the hairs on the back of their neck may stand on ends. This happens because the neck is extremely delicate, making it a prime spot for foreplay.

How to safely explore a neck fetish?

If you have a neck fetish, you probably understand how enticing it is to play with your partners neck or have them play with yours. When it comes to indulging in a neck fetish, you must proceed according to your and your partners individual comfort levels. Start with tender and loving kisses when youre together, and gradually increase your pressure to determine what feels best. As long as you continue communicating with your partner and focus on their verbal and non-verbal signals, youll be on the right path.

The following are some tips to explore your neck fetish:

  • Breathe down your partner’s neck
  • Gently kiss your partner’s neck
  • Increase the pressure over time
  • Nibble at your partner’s neck
  • Suck on your partner’s neck
  • Massage your partner’s neck
  • Run lace, silk, leather, jewelry, and other materials on your partner’s neck
  • Experiment with a suction toy like Biird's Namii that can also be used to stimulate your neck

Biird Namii Clit Vibe

When it comes to neck play, you should always be mindful of your partner’s comfort levels, especially if you go beyond gentle touches. Maintain a safety word, keep asking for your partner’s input, and have fun!

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