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My Sex Drive Changed During Pregnancy, And Then I Discovered The Wonders of Sex Toys

Ah, pregnancy. A special time of joy and anticipation as you and your partner prepare to embark on the journey of parenthood. And while it is often a time of great excitement, it can also come with its share of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. One such challenge that many soon-to-be parents must face is the effect of pregnancy on the libido.

Most people experience some change in their sex drive when they become pregnant. These changes can range from an increase in libido to a decrease in libido and can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and much more. But did you know that sex toys can help you reclaim your libido?

Yup, thats correct. We recently heard from a woman who said her pregnancy had completely obliterated her sex drive, but then she discovered the wonders of sex toys. Upon using sex toys, she says her libido was completely restored, which dramatically reduced the stress that she and her partner felt during the pregnancy.

This article describes the negative effects of pregnancy on the libido and how you can reclaim your sex drive and improve your sex life with the power of sex toys!

How does pregnancy affect your libido?

Pregnancy can bring about myriad physical, mental, and emotional changes in a woman's body. While some women report an increase in their sex drive throughout the nine months of pregnancy, it is common for a woman to experience a decrease in her libido at some point during her pregnancy. This is perfectly understandable, as a womans body is undergoing huge transformations, leaving her exhausted and overwhelmed.

For some people, their libido may increase during pregnancy. Research has suggested that this could be related to the increased level of hormones in the body, such as estrogen and progesterone, which can cause heightened arousal. A heightened libido can also be caused by increased endorphins released upon conception, which can make one feel more energetic and adventurous.

Others may find that their libido decreases during pregnancy. It is important to remember that a decrease in ones libido during pregnancy is totally normal and common. Changes in hormones and physical discomfort can contribute to a decrease in libido, and make it difficult for women to achieve orgasm. Pregnancy can also lead to a decrease in energy, causing women to feel fatigued. As a result, the last thing on their minds is engaging in sexual activity.

How to improve your libido during pregnancy?

Low libido during pregnancy can make it difficult to experience pleasure while intimate with your partner. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to improve your libido during pregnancy.

The first step is to remember that your body is undergoing many changes, and its OK to experience a lessened interest in sex. Dont feel bad about it, and dont be too hard on yourself. The second step is to take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and getting adequate rest are all important for keeping your body and mind healthy. Make sure to speak with your healthcare provider about any supplements or vitamins you can take to ensure you get all the nutrients you need during your pregnancy.

Communication with your partner is another key factor in improving your libido during pregnancy. Talk openly with your partner about how you feel and let them know it isnt personal. Discuss ways you can make intimate moments more comfortable and enjoyable. This might include wearing loose clothing and scheduling sex when you feel your best. Low libido can bring up a lot of emotions, so make sure to take time to talk and share with your partner.

Finally, dont be afraid to explore self-love to rekindle your libido, and thats where sex toys come into the picture. When you masturbate, youre not focused on anyone but on your sexual desires and pleasure. You can take all the time you want and explore your bodys erogenous zones, including the engorged and highly-sensitive regions, such as the nipples and clitoris. Masturbating can boost your mood, release endorphins, and make you feel significantly better and sexier.

Using sex toys for masturbation or introducing sex toys into your relationship can further help you break through the loss of libido.

How sex toys can boost your libido during pregnancy

The loss of libido during pregnancy often occurs because of insufficient blood flow to the genitals. When your genitals don’t receive enough blood flow, the clitoris shrinks and becomes smaller, which can negatively affect your ability to achieve clitoral orgasms. Furthermore, the combined effects of stress and exhaustion can also reduce your sex drive.

Sex toys are tools specifically designed to kindle your sexual desires. You have numerous sex toys to choose from, including clitoral suckers, clit stimulators, vibrators, dildos, and much more. Clitoral suckers, such as Biirds Namii, are particularly good for pregnant women because they can stimulate the entire clitoral structure and not just the clitoral tip at the head of the vagina. Sex toys can stimulate your entire clitoris, which also improves blood circulation and lubrication, helping you achieve extremely powerful orgasms.

Biird Namii Clit Sucker

Furthermore, when you use sex toys to masturbate, your body releases a range of feel-good hormones that boost your mood and make you feel sexy. And when you feel sexy from within, youre more charged up to engage in sex. You can even incorporate sex toys into your relationship, asking your partner to stimulate you using the sex toy. And you can do the same to your partner. Sex toys allow you to appreciate each others bodies in completely new ways.

When you are ready to have sex, keep the focus on pleasure, and dont be afraid to take your time. Experiment with different positions until you find something that is comfortable and enjoyable. Following these tips can improve your libido during pregnancy and still experience the same pleasure and intimacy with your partner. Remember that pregnancy is a time to be kind to yourself and take care of your body. With a little help from sex toys, you can boost your libido and still enjoy a healthy, pleasurable sex life.

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