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What is Masturbation Glow?

Whether a quick boost or a daily regimen, a simple answer to radiant skin may lie in how we love ourselves, literally.

After far too many months, years, of being trapped in our homes, locked down from the world outside, locked out of many of our favorite places, locked away from so many of the things that give us joy; is it any wonder why we started to unlock our inhibitions? Too long stigmatized, masturbation seemed less taboo and more mainstream, and the benefits of those extra orgasms could not only be felt but seen!

Retailers who reaped the benefits of our shut-in shopping sprees will tell you that faced with staring at ourselves in the mirror, or mirrors, we found ourselves racing to buy up every form of lotion and potion available to fill in our fine lines and wrinkles and smooth out all the rough edges. From hyaluronic acid, collagen, caffeine, and lipids to boost, soothe, plum, and tighten to every form of concealer, coverup, and embellisher we could lay our hands on. And, when the going got really tough, SNL star Ego Nwodim reached into her favorite box of Crayola Markers to give us a side-splitting laugh during her "Quarantine QT" tutorial!

All the while, instead of spending hours scanning drugstore shelves, doom scrolling, and dropping wands of cash at high-end department store cosmetics counters, some of us realized that we just needed to look between our thighs because the basic tools we needed were free!

So let us talk about some of the many benefits of self-love and the big O.

Understanding how masturbation glow works

#1. Masturbation lowers stress

Most of us have experienced it. Weve had a rough day - the exam was a bust, the boss flew off the handle, or you had the disastrous date from hell. We find ourselves alone, or with our partner, and just need a release! Thank you, serotonin, this special hormone helps to reduce stress and balance our mood and is released in force during sex and masturbation.

Benefit, once we forget about the ridiculous social stigmas put upon us, orgasms lower stress, anxiety, and tension and therefore can be a positive force helping us to relax and for controlling stress-related skin issues ranging from acne to vitiligo.

#2. Masturbation helps regulate hormones

With each orgasm, your body is flooded with a gush of hormones. The female body releases a rush of estrogen which has been shown to improve overall skin thickness, elasticity, and hydration. Orgasms also release the powerful happiness-boosting endorphins - oxytocin and dopamine. Dopamine, the pleasure, reward, and motivation hormone, is also responsible for increasing the microcirculation of blood and decreasing inflammation. Oxytocin may increase our passions and sexual desires, but it also blasts away the ever dreaded and oil-inducing cortisol, thus helping to control sebum and acne.

#3. Masturbation increases blood flow

We all know good sex and a great orgasm can get our blood pumping, but past the heart-racing and thrill-inducing rush, did you ever think about the many other benefits that it provides?

Increased blood flow feeds your skin with more oxygen. Plus that vitamin and nutrient-rich blood boosts both collagen and elastin, two key elements of firmer, younger-looking skin.

#4. Masturbation can work up a sweat

Have some extra time on your hands? Let them help you work up a sweat! A longer session can lead to deeper satisfaction, and one side benefit to that is sweating it out! Think of it, you hit it hard at the gym, power it out in your run, feel the burn in your Bikram class…but then you opt for a quick orgasm? Take your time and experience the rewards of a good sweaty orgasm!

Sweating is good for your skin and helps you to flush not only toxins but salts and minerals, which then act to help exfoliate your skin. This natural exfoliation then aids in clearing dirt and clogged pores, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. But wait, theres more! Sweat also contains dermcidin, an antimicrobial peptide that actually works to protect against other harmful microbes and germs, as well as urea that then helps to both moisturize and soothe. 

#5. Masturbation leads to deeper sleep

From the first, slightest touch through to the back arching, sweat-inducing climax we crave, our bodies are flush with excitement and sensory overload. When we have achieved our orgasm (or two or three, see point 4), we are satisfied and at peace. The hard work is over, and now your body wants to melt into the sheets…or snuggle up to your lover or your pillow.

Orgasms aid in better and deeper sleep. Yes, mom was right; a good night's sleep is important. And for your skin, it helps to prevent dreaded puffiness, dark under-eye circles, baggy eyes, and, yes, even wrinkles!

And hey, if you really want to enhance that glow, make it a super-glow, you can also whip out a handy sex toy, such as the Namii clitoral suction vibrator! This two-in-one clit sucker/ vibrator can induce powerful orgasms that will leave you glowing from within.

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The bottom line

Search and you will find study after study that shows some level of correlation between younger-looking skin and sexual activity and self-love. Doctors and dermatologists weigh in and, thankfully, push aside and debunk the various myths and scare tactics used by masturbation shamers and those who would have us hide and deny our sexuality and natural human needs.

Sex and masturbation are essential for our overall mental and physical health and are often a key part of our identity and need for self-fulfillment. Masturbation can help relieve headache pain, improve menstrual cramping, can be a safe alternative when avoiding pregnancy, and often helps us and our partners learn more about our bodies, leading to increased sexual satisfaction! And hey, there seems to be some evidence to suggest that masturbation may even strengthen our immune systems, a huge plus in today's uncertain world.

So, though there may be no hard science, its hard to find a reason not to try and enjoy ourselves in the process. Your skin will thank you…every inch of it!

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