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Are Sex Toys Good Wedding Gifts?

Selecting wedding gifts can be fairly challenging. You must find a gift that accurately represents your relationship with those getting married. You also have to ensure the wedding gift is useful, fun, and suitable for the event, i.e., something the couple can use together. Theres a strong case to be made for sex toys being the best wedding gifts.

Of course, that statement comes with a caveat. If youre gifting a sex toy to someone, you must ensure theyre receptive to sex toys. If youre selecting a wedding gift for a close friend with whom you can discuss issues about sex easily and someone who already has a sex toy or two, you can definitely go ahead and select a sex toy.

But if your friend isn’t as open to discussing sex-related subjects, or if you’re not very close, you’d be better off gifting massage oils or scented candles. Context is important when gifting sex toys. A sex toy can be the best wedding gift, and it can also be the most inappropriate gift. For example, you certainly shouldn’t gift a sex toy to your close relatives to coworkers.

Even if youre gifting a sex toy to a close friend, you should still give them a heads up. Your friend may be completely open to receiving sex toys, but they might not want to unwrap them in front of relatives, parents, and grandparents. If youre gifting a sex toy, let them know that your gift should be opened privately. This may save them considerable embarrassment.

Now that you understand who you can gift sex toys to, let’s look at their merits as gifts. This article provides 5 reasons why sex toys are the best wedding gifts.

#1. Sex toy gifts can save them the trouble (and potential embarrassment) of going shopping

Everyone isnt comfortable visiting their neighborhood sex toy shops. Your friend may want sex toys, but they might be concerned about being spotted by someone they know. Perhaps theyre also afraid of ordering sex toys online because they dont want them delivered to their address. Gifting a discreet sex toy as a wedding gift can be pretty thoughtful in those situations. It allows your friend to enjoy the sex toy in their relationship or privately without visiting a sex toy shop! Youre not just gifting a sex toy — youre saving them from potential embarrassment.

#2. Sex toy gifts can be a fun gag, leading to ribaldries, laughter, and joy galore

In some cases, sex toys should be gifted discreetly and privately. If your friend is comfortable talking about sex with you but not anyone else, then you should give them a discreet wedding gift. But if your friend is extremely open about discussing sex in public, your sex toy gift can also be a source of joy, laughter, and ribaldry. Instead of gifting the sex toy during the wedding ceremony, you can gift it during the bachelorette. That allows you and your friend to laugh, talk about sex, and have fun! Sex toys can also be great conversation starters!

#3. Sex toys are good for their mental health

Sex toys arent just good for sexual pleasure but also for mental health and emotional well-being. Sexuality is intrinsically connected to emotional wellness and confidence. When you feel sexually empowered, youre also more likely to be confident. And sex toys can help you with sexual discovery and empowerment. The best way to understand your body is to explore it with masturbation. Sex toys are the ideal tools for masturbation and self-love, allowing you to explore every inch of your body and find the erogenous zones.

By gifting a sex toy to your friend, youre empowering their sexual journey. They can use sex toys to discover their untapped sexual desires, explore their body, and understand their sexual selves. Even if your friend is already sexually experienced, sex toys can help them learn more about their desires. By empowering your friend, sex toys also boost their emotional health and confidence. Sex toys also serve as a form of relief, allowing your friend to pursue and achieve orgasms without anyone else, which can also enhance their self-esteem.

#4. Sex toy gifts initiate conversations about sexuality

If you gift your newly-wedded friends' sex toys, you encourage them to open up conversations about sexuality and sexual desires. Your friends can use the gift to talk openly about what they expect from sex, what they enjoy in bed, and much more. Sex toys arent just meant for singles — they can be used by everyone, including those in sexually-active couples. Gifting sex toys to your friends helps them gain a deeper awareness of each other, which, in turn, can make them better partners.

#5. Sex toys can help them better enjoy each other

Sex toys are excellent tools for individuals in couples to enjoy each other. Sex toys are particularly useful for vulva owners who can primarily orgasm through clitoral stimulation. For many women, vaginal penetration is not enough to induce reliable orgasms. Meanwhile, males can achieve fairly consistent orgasms through physical penetration alone. This physiological difference has led to an orgasm gap between the sexes, where males can more consistently achieve orgasms through intercourse.

When you give your friends sex toys, you help them level the playing field. Some sex toys are scientifically designed for specific anatomies. Clitoral stimulators and clitoris suction sex toys are uniquely designed to stimulate the entire clitoris — not just the clitoral tip. Your friends can use clitoral suckers, like Namii, to stimulate the clitoris and induce deep and powerful clitoral orgasms when penetration alone isnt enough. More than that, Namii's charging base also doubles as a beautiful mood lamp! When you gift sex toys as wedding gifts, you also gift powerful orgasms. And whats a better gift than that?

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