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Your Complete Guide to Bathtub Masturbation

Masturbation has numerous benefits — psychological, emotional, physical, and relational. You can masturbate anywhere you want (within limits, of course) and discover your body! Masturbation allows you to connect with your sense of pleasure, discover your erogenous zones, and better understand your sexuality. You might even say masturbation is the ultimate tool of self-discovery!

Most people masturbate in bed or in the shower. The reason for masturbating in the shower is obvious — clean-up is a breeze! But another excellent place to masturbate is the bathtub. Youd be surprised how sensual, exciting, and stimulating good bathtub masturbation can be, and you can leave feeling clean and refreshed!

We provide a comprehensive guide to bathtub masturbation below!

1. Set a comfortable and sensual mood

The atmosphere is an essential component of self-pleasure. Your masturbatory experience doesnt have to end within minutes. Take the time to set the mood, get into a relaxing state of mind, and enjoy your body and sexual pleasure. You can play music in the background, light some scented candles, turn the lights down, and maybe even play an erotic video. And if visual pornography doesnt do it for you, try reading something sexy or let your mind wander into all things sexually exciting.

2. Add some bubbles and essential oils

When it comes to enjoying bathtubs, nothings quite as pleasurable as a bubble bath. You can add some bubbles and essential oils into a warm bath to luxuriate and stimulate your olfactory senses. The smell can do all kinds of wonders — it can stimulate sensual desires and enhance the mood. When selecting essential oils, find one that soothes your senses. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, but some other suitable essential oils include peppermint, tea tree oil, and jasmine.

3. Whip out the trusty showerhead

If your bathtub comes with a showerhead, it might be time to wield its power. Showerhead masturbation can be incredibly potent and sensual. Once you activate the showerhead, you can run it all along your arms, knees, and thighs and then direct water flow towards your vagina. The pressure of a showerhead can induce deep orgasms, acting as a makeshift vibrator that also cleanses and shoots a jet of water. Showerhead masturbation also opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Once youre wielding the showerhead, you can regulate the temperature, pressure, and position to find the most suitable and sensual settings. You can place the showerhead over the vagina, move it around in circles, or turn it on and off repeatedly. Different techniques work for different people, but most agree that showerhead masturbation is heavenly. But you must be careful not to insert the showerhead into your vagina or go overboard with the head — everything in moderation!

4. Let the faucet run into you

During bathtub masturbation, vulva-owners can stimulate their senses with the faucet. You can position yourself so that the faucet is directly above your genitals. Once you activate the water (after ensuring the temperature is correct), the water flows straight towards your vagina. The pressure of all that water can be incredibly stimulating, but you shouldnt allow the water to flow directly into your vagina. The vaginal canal has a delicate pH balance and self-cleansing properties, so you shouldnt intentionally push water into your vagina.

5. Raise the temperature

Everyone understands the pleasure of warm or hot water. We love showering with warm water because it helps us relax and calm down. Thats because hot water is a vasodilator, which leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which, in turn, leads to increased blood circulation. Blood flow is an essential component of strong orgasms and sexual arousal. When you have plentiful blood flow in your genitals, your clitoris is more responsive and delicate.

The bathtub is the best place to enjoy the benefits of hot water during masturbation. Allow yourself to settle into the hot water, which will relax your muscles. Once relaxed, you can stimulate your clitoris and touch your nether regions. The increased blood flow to your genitals will help you feel more aroused, which, in turn, will lead to a more pleasurable masturbation experience. Furthermore, hot water can also calm your senses and promote feelings of wellness, which can also improve your sexual experience.

6. Time for sex toys to enter the bathtub

When masturbating in the bathtub, you can enhance your experience with waterproof sex toys. If you’re using the faucet or showerhead for sexual stimulation, you can further enhance the experience with a clitoral suction vibrator. Biird’s Namii is a 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator made of ultra-soft, body-safe silicone — it can deliver powerful vibrations while producing a suction force that induces the sensation of oral sex. Namii also comes with a mood light charging base to create the sexiest atmosphere once the lights are out. You can use sex toys to explore your erogenous zones or stimulate powerful, mind-blowing clitoral orgasms.

Namii by Biird Perfect for Bathtub

7. Luxuriate in your post-orgasm weightlessness

Most people stop the sexual experience after they orgasm. But you don’t have to get out of the bathtub after you orgasm. Instead, you can increase the temperature and simply flow in your post-masturbation afterglow and bliss. The bathtub can make your feel weightless, and, when combined with your post-orgasm bliss, it can induce an otherworldly experience of peace. Take a few minutes after you orgasm to simply float in the bathtub and let your mind wander — you’re experiencing true bliss.

The bathtub is often associated with comfort, peace, and relaxation. So, it makes sense that its one of the best locations to enjoy your sexual self and discover your bodily pleasures. And hey, maybe next time, you can invite your partner for a mutual masturbation session in the bathtub!

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