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What is Tantric Masturbation?

There are a lot of misconceptions about tantric sex, which makes people a little self-conscious while exploring the subject. When people think of tantric sex, they might think of delayed orgasms, sex without orgasms, or even marathon orgasms for hours at a stretch. But tantric sex — and tantric masturbation — isn’t just about the big O; it’s about the journey and your personal relationship to your sexuality.

Masturbation already boasts a wide range of benefits — psychological, sexual, and physical. But tantric masturbation allows you to better understand yourself and your desires, making your sexual experiences so much more meaningful. But what is tantric masturbation, how does it work, and how can you practice tantric masturbation? This article provides an overview of tantric masturbation and its amazing benefits.

What is tantric masturbation?

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that involves a personal exploration of your identity and psychology. The goal of tantra is to help an individual learn the truth about themselves and their place within the world. Its a pleasurable endeavor that helps you understand yourself, your personality, your desires, and your mind. Instead of rushing towards an orgasm, which is what most people do, tantra slows everything down, allowing you to experience every tremor in your body to better understand what it wants. You can say tantra is a meditative form of sex and masturbation.

In the early 19th century, the practice of tantric sex was linked with secret occult powers, but its perception gradually evolved to simply indicate sexual openness and liberation. The modern conception of tantric sexual practices places a heavy emphasis on individual pleasure, self-exploration, and intentionality. The term tantra usually refers to sex, but it can also be applied to masturbation. After all, the best way to understand your body and desires is through self-pleasure and masturbation, when you can be liberated from the need to please others.

Tantric masturbation is about slowing things down instead of rushing to the finish line. And in that aspect, its often compared to the practice of slow sex, i.e., taking things slow in the bedroom. Because were geared to get the job done quickly, most people find it extremely hard to slow down and enjoy the moment. But when engaging in tantric masturbation, its important to push away the desire for an orgasm and instead inhabit your body at the moment — curiosity and self-discovery are the primary pillars of tantric masturbation.

Steps to perform tantric masturbation

Tantric masturbation is all about exploring your body. You need to take the time to explore your body, understand how it feels, and take your time without judgment. It’s about accepting your body, including all of its flaws and irregularities. You can also engage in your sexual fantasies and desires, let your mind wander, and think about sexual scenarios, but keep the focus on your body and its sensations. There’s no specific formula for performing tantric masturbation because everyone is unique, but you can take a few measures to heighten the experience.

Step 1: Create a safe and relaxing environment

You can only engage in tantric masturbation if you’re in a safe and relaxing environment. You need to take time with tantric masturbation, so you can’t slide it into a busy schedule in the middle of the day. The only way to practice tantric masturbation is if you have time and peace of mind. You should also create a relaxing environment to get in the zone. You can light a candle, perhaps play some gentle music in the background (something non-distracting), and maybe run a warm bath for yourself. It all depends on your preferences.

Step 2: Start exploring your body’s erogenous zones

When youre ready, you can start exploring your bodys erogenous zones. The human body has numerous erogenous zones with a high concentration of nerve endings capable of delivering intense pleasure with stimulation. Some of the most common erogenous zones are the feet, neck, scalp, underarms, nipples, and thighs, but you can also discover your own erogenous zones. While exploring your body, try different sensations, such as soft tickling, grazing, pinching, and more. Understanding your body is a crucial aspect of tantric masturbation — no part of your body should be out of bound to you.

Step 3: Take your time exploring each body part and sensation

Most people have an urge to rush to the climax, and it can take immense self-discipline to simply relax. Theres nothing wrong with achieving an orgasm, but the goal of tantric masturbation is to delay the orgasm and simply enjoy the momentary sensations. Over a third of all women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but the pressure, location, and pattern of touch differ for everyone. That means you must understand the specific pressures and types of touch that work for you. Take your time exploring each body part, using different sensations on each part, and discover what works best for your body.

Step 4: Don’t stress or worry about an orgasm

When you actively think about orgasm, you delay your ability to have an orgasm. The more you pressure yourself to orgasm, the lower your chance of actually reaching an orgasm. The goal of tantric masturbation is to be happy with or without an orgasm. Learn what makes your body happy, discover true self-pleasure, and let go of all expectations. If you forego the pressure to orgasm, you can increase your overall body awareness and connection with yourself. And then, even if you dont orgasm, your overall experience would still be better.

Step 5: Introduce sex toys if you need some help

Tantric masturbation is all about exploring your body, but you can also introduce sex toys for self-discovery. Depending on your particular preferences, you have several sex toys to choose from — vibrators, dildos, bullet vibrators, clitoral suckers, and more. Try different sex toys to explore different types of sensations, which will help you better learn your bodys desires. And instead of simply using sex toys to stimulate your genitals, you can also get creative with them. A vibrator or clitoral sucker can also be used on the nipples and other erogenous zones to maximize stimulation. We recommend our latest wonder called Namii, a clitoral suction stimulator that allows for vibration at the same time.

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Regardless of why you’re interested in tantric masturbation, the primary goal is to better understand your body. Instead of focusing on a specific set of guidelines and rules, simply take things slow, listen to your body, and do what feels good.

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